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all mountain freestyle

  1. Arbor shiloh camber thoughts?

    Looking to buy the arbor shiloh camber. I'm an all mountain rider love jumps and carving and do a decent amount of backcountry and some minimal freestyle and jibs. So I'm looking for something stable poppy mid of the road flex good for free riding but still versatile. Note I'm limited to a few...
  2. Need help choosing a High End All Mountain Freestyle Board

    I'm getting back into riding after being inconsistent since going to college and want to get a whole new setup for 2019. I've always enjoyed riding fast on groomers and through trees but really want to make a point add some style to my riding and put in some hours to progress in the park. I've...
  3. New Board Advice

    Hey guys, back again with more annoying questions. Im gonna try to make this brief. Im 17, 5'9, 195, size 10 boot. Im an intermediate rider who rides in Vermont and Icy New England. Im looking to expand in my riding style. I want an all mountain board that is park oriented, playful enough for...

    Hi guys, I'm a big guy 192cm 90kg. Need 165-166 cm Wide board. Wich one of this two board would you recomend as All.mnt. freestyle board --- buttering, little bit jibbing on the track (piste). no park. powder sometimes. Thanks for answers
  5. Need help choosing a freestyle/all mountain board for hard pack

    First post in the forum so here goes. So I told myself I wasnt going to get a new board this year but mine is beat to crap and I just came into some money... new board time! I'm mostly an all mountain kind of rider, I want to be able to bomb hard pack runs, stay nimble in glades, and hit some...
  6. Selling a board - great price

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    My board's about 2 years old. It's a Technine and it works great in the park. The flat camber makes it a really fun jibstick, but I found that it works well on the rest of the mountain, too. I'm selling it for 160, and the original price was 270. I'm willing to bargain a little. The Union Force...
  7. What board should i get?

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    I have a 152 forum youngblood doubledog for park and im looking to get a board for mostly all mountain freestyle and powder. I mainly snowboard on the east coast but i go out west frequently. Im pretty good at park and I also like to go into a lot of tree runs. Im 5'8" and 130 lbs. Im looking at...
  8. Intermediate here, need some advice on board size!!

    Hey fellow riders, I have been riding 'seriously' for about 3-4 seasons now (appx. 8-10 a year) and I currently ride a Jones mountain twin 164cm W board which I love. Recently I purchased a K2 WWW 158cm W (have yet to ride it) for a really good price too delve further into the park. I am about...
  9. Rome Tour vs. K2 Raygun

    I am thinking of getting these two boards. Any riders who have shred these boards want to help me out with some insight? Pros and Cons kinda thing.
  10. Need help to choose best bindings

    Hey everybody, I just bought a K2 raygun 150, which is awesome i'm having a lot of fun but i have 2005 bindings, and i can't do this anymore to my board and to my feet ... So i want to change them, i'm interested in ride revolts seb toots pro model, i've tried them in shop they seems pretty...
  11. Looking for good Hybrid or Camber, All-Mountain, Standard board

    Hey guys and gals, I was looking to see if anyone knew of a Hybrid or Camber All-mountain Medium to medium stiff flex board that is relatively cheap and a good bang for my buck. I need a standard (not wide) board between 150-165 cm. If anyone has any ideas, that would be great to hear from...
  12. Reverb Rocker, Agent Rocker, or something else?

    5'11", 170 lbs, size 10.5 boots. I mostly ride powder (particularly trees), and on non powder days I like to ride the mountain like it's a park, but don't actually ride in the park that much. I might hit a small-medium park jump every now and then. Looking for a board that is poppy and...