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  1. Boards
    Hi All, I have done a fair bit of research on the internet, including this site, but I still have massive confusion about board selection. I went to the local shop today, but of course they only had a limited number of boards and a million skiis. I've been boarding for probably about 4 years...
  2. Boards
    so this is my first post and idk if its in the wrong spot if so sorry uhm im on my second board and im in my third year, i like to ride all parts of the mountain and just find random things to hit and jib and then slow down and butter around im starting to go more into the park i do rails and...
  3. Boards
    Hey fellow riders, I have been riding 'seriously' for about 3-4 seasons now (appx. 8-10 a year) and I currently ride a Jones mountain twin 164cm W board which I love. Recently I purchased a K2 WWW 158cm W (have yet to ride it) for a really good price too delve further into the park. I am about...
  4. Bindings
    Hey I am wanting some advice on where to set my new women's flow se bindings on my never summer Infinity board. I am an intermediate rider and would like it set up for all mountain riding. Any advice on how my stance should be set and weather I should have my bindings centered or off set. Thanks ?
  5. Boards
    Hey I've recently been looking for a new board for next season. I mostly ride park but will occasionally ride all mountain on the pow days. I would be setting the board up with 2012 Raiden Zeros and burton freestyle boots size 9.5. I am about 5'7" and 160lbs and would love a board that was flexy...
1-5 of 5 Results