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    I did some research on Amplid and found they were made at The Mothership in Austria. I pulled the trigger on a Kill Switch online and when I received it saw the words "Made in Taiwan" on the board. It's a 2021/22 model. I'm in Australia. Have Amplid abandoned The Mothership?
  2. Boards
    Hi, I have just sold my one year old K2 Marauder because it was to heavy. No i want to switch to an Amplid Milli. I just don't really know if i should go for the Milligram 163 or 158 (i am 183 cm and 75 kg.) or the 157 Millisurf. How i want to use it: I do some days on tracks and pists. The...
  3. Snowboard Reviews
    This is my review of the Amplid Penta after 3 days riding it from 9 AM to 4 PM non-stop. I never wrote a board review so don’t be too mean. So I won’t review it in all possible conditions and infinity of scenarios. My review will be for groomers and piste in general... About me: Been riding...
  4. Snowboard Reviews
    Hey, anyone here rock an Amplid Pillow Talk? I've heard a lot about it and considering buying one so I'd love to hear your thoughts and reviews. Thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results