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  1. Rossi Angus 2014 vs Yes Basic 2015

    resolved....want to delete post
  2. WANTED Rossignol Angus 2010 - 2011

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Been looking for this board for a little while now, Loved it the times I got to use it, so lookign to get it for myself. If you know of one for sale or eve n have one you're willing to sell, shoot me a reply or email [email protected] or anything. Must be size 158 or larger. Thanks! Alles...
  3. Size 13 too big for MW board?

    I Recently spent a week in Crested Butte, CO and rented boards for the week. The last few days I did the demo rental package and rode a 160 cm Rossi onemagtek and a 159 cm Rossi angus. I really liked them both but conditions were super snowy so I feel like I didn't get to really test them and...