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  1. Boots
    I just bought a new pair of Burton IONs 2020 model. Tried them on at the local shop and they felt good. My big toe was barely touching the end of the boot. Got home and tried them on again couple times and noticed that they rub against my outer ankle bone (lateral malleolus) on both feet. It...
  2. Slam Section
    Hey guys! Hurt my ankle really bad doing a toe slide stop today. Like my foot flexed up towards my shin. Heard a pop as it happened. I honestly thought I had broken it because it hurt so bad when it happened. I sat for a minute and the pain level went down to where I was able to do two more runs...
  3. Slam Section
    Anyone out there have a tarsal coalition in their Sub Talus joint? (Joint between calcaneus and Talus). I am 53, started boarding this year. Switched from skiing because of my condition. I have no lateral movement in my left ankle. Therefore I cannot carve to the left (on skis). It does not...
1-3 of 3 Results