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  1. HELP: Changing Burton Boards

    :dunno: Hey ladies/bros. I'm here for a little help since I need a new board after 7 seasons and it feels like I'm breaking up with my long term GF or something - I don't have any perspective on what has changed and is out there today. Basically, I have been riding a 159 Burton T6 on a variety...
  2. New member/experienced rider buying first setup

    Hello all, I'm new to the site and wanted to get your opinions on a proposed setup for my first purchase. I've been riding casually for 6 years, primarily free-ride/groomers with aspirations of some more advanced park riding as well. I'd consider myself between intermediate and advanced in...
  3. Burton Antler or Rome MOD Rocker?

    Hey all. I'm ending about a year's worth of lurking and posting my first thread. Here are my stats: 6' 180 lbs, size 12-13 boots.... currently ride an '08 Burton Vapor cambered 163cm... home mountain is Stowe, VT (aka the ice coast)... I'm an instructor and have the skill set to handle an...
  4. New Board Help. Custom or other?

    Hi All, new to this Forum so hoping you hold the magic answers for me. Unfortunately I cannot get to a demo day somewhere this december and want a new board for the season. I live in the Czech Republic where the morning runs can be icy and the afternoons very bumpy (fun on my 155 Un-Inc!)...