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arbor coda

  1. Wife bought me a Snowboard

    My wife decided to buy me a new snowboard for our one year anniversary. It's time to retire my 2009 Forum Seeker (156) so it was a smart gift. She got me a 2019 Salomon Super Eight (157). It has a camber on the back foot and then its flat under the front foot. It's also has a wider than average...
  2. What Arbor board? Coda, Element or A-Frame

    First I want to thanks everybody here for being such a great source of information, I've read a lot of treads and learned a lot. I'm 43 years old, 6'1, 185 lbs, shoe size 10.5/11. I've been snowboarding every season for the last 8 years. I live in Hawaii but have been able to squeeze an...
  3. Arbor Coda vs. Ride Buckwild vs. Gnu Forest Space Case

    I know everyone loves tese board in the park, but I'm a pretty even split between woods and diamond groomers vs. easy trails for screwing around and park runs. Which will perform best on those diamond runs with some satisfying carving and speed? Especially helpful if you've actually ridden it...
  4. Top 5 Snowboards of 2013-2014

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