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arbor shiloh
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    Recebtly bought the arbor shiloh 2020 with the crosslink sintered base which explained by arbor is: The crosslink is a mix of the sintered and extruded. It's faster than an extruded but slower than a true sintered. It's a mid-density base which keeps the durability of the sintered but can...
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    Looking to buy the arbor shiloh camber. I'm an all mountain rider love jumps and carving and do a decent amount of backcountry and some minimal freestyle and jibs. So I'm looking for something stable poppy mid of the road flex good for free riding but still versatile. Note I'm limited to a few...
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    Hi Everyone, I'm looking at buying the 2020 Arbor Shiloh Camber but need to figure out what size to buy. I'm 5'11" 205lbs and wear an 11.5 boot. I'm looking it pairing the Shiloh with the Cypress binding- M/L tops out at an 11, can I get away with this or am I going to need the L bindings...
1-3 of 3 Results