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    Hey everyone, I’m thinking of buying an Arbor Iguchi 2020 board from a friend of a friend at a really good price, but I’m not sure or know much about the Arbor boards. I know they’re high quality pieces, but my main concern is longevity. I’m not a hardcore snowboarder, but I’d like my own...
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    hi there! I am a beginner rider and will be riding in Washington state at Crystal Mountain/stevens pass/snoqualmie. I am looking to get my first board and deciding between the Arbor Cadence and the burton Day Trader. Any advice would be appreciated!
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    Recebtly bought the arbor shiloh 2020 with the crosslink sintered base which explained by arbor is: The crosslink is a mix of the sintered and extruded. It's faster than an extruded but slower than a true sintered. It's a mid-density base which keeps the durability of the sintered but can...
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    I'm trying to get back into snowboarding so I want to buy a "beginner" board that's versatile. A friend of a friend is selling a 2013 Arbor Poparazzi for $140 with Ride bindings.The board is in great condition. Is this a good deal?
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    Hi Everyone, I'm looking at buying the 2020 Arbor Shiloh Camber but need to figure out what size to buy. I'm 5'11" 205lbs and wear an 11.5 boot. I'm looking it pairing the Shiloh with the Cypress binding- M/L tops out at an 11, can I get away with this or am I going to need the L bindings...
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    arbor westmark board $150 vrocker size 150 (have had over 20 boards) this one is one of the best air blaster grumpy jacket M - $100 air blaster pants - $80 flux sr15 bindings - $120 burton boots size 8.5 $100 burton flannel water proof - $50 Smith I/OX Goggles retail $200 $70 cause has scratches...
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    Hey everyone. i am currently an employee at The North Face and we have had this wood snowboard sitting in our basement for some time. Corporate decided to shut down our store so we raffled off the snowboard to us employees and well... I somehow won it. I am much more of a skier and have never...
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    Hola, I just recently bought the new Arbor Hemlock bindings for this season. Im an idiot and didn't realize the bindings are 2x4 and my board has a 4x4 set up. Does anyone know if I can buy a disc adapter for the arbor hemlock or do i need to go with a 4x4 binding?
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    Selling my Arbor Coda Rocker 157 mw that was given to me as a gift because it is too small for me. I didnt come to this realization until I rode it once, so it is used but basically in brand new condition with just one day of use. Board only, no bindings.
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    I'm in the hunt for a new splitboard set-up after upgrading to the new Spark R&D bindings last year. I mostly ride southern california and eastern sierras but will be going to Japan in January too. I'm undecided between the Arbor Abacus and Venture Storm. I'm leaning towards the Arbor because...
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    My sister has been searching for these boards for that past two years, and has had little luck finding either one of them. I was hoping to find one to surprise her with for Christmas.
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    I am an all mountain rider (my home mountain is Snowshoe WV and I spend a lot of time in the backcountry) I need a board that can handle all elements of the mountain from icy days to deep powder and backcoutry to carving to park. Which board should I get and if you have any other boards to look...
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    So I'm getting a new snowboard (the Gnu DC3-BTX Beauty) and it's going to be more for racing and actually competing but my current board is the Arbor Cadence from 2012. Currently I have those slide on Flow bindings but they can be kind of annoying and I'm probably going to be buying two new sets...
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    Hey guys I'm thinking about buying an arbor westmark but wanted to get some reviews on it. I'm just using it for the park. Any thoughts?
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    my top 2 choices are the Arbor swoon 155 and Burton Feelgood Flying V 155 i'm 5'8 180 lb and i'm an all mountain rider. i'm leaning towards the arbor
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    Just rescued this from a second hand store. Arbor 159 Abacus with the "Structurn" base, it has 2006 Cartel bindings so I am guessing it's from around that year. Looks like it was used once or twice as there is no wear on it except for a few very small nose chips. I am stoked I picked it up for...
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    Debating between these two boards for park. Never really had much experience with Academy. Are their boards any good?
  18. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Selling a 2012 Arbor Westmark, in great condition. Rode for a season and a half, and didn't go through any bad crashes or falls. Looking for 225 + Shipping or... Never Summer Evo Other Never Summers Rossignol One Magtek Offer what you got-looking for Rocker/Camber/Rocker board The reason I'm...
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    I am looking to get an arbor westmark 153 or 156, I am 6' weigh 140lbs and have a shoe size of an 11. I ride both park and all mountain, but am looking to do more park this year.
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    Im looking at buying an Arbor Westmark soon but I was just wondering if there was any cheaper boards which are similar to the Westmark. Also if you could tell me why they are cheaper and how much better the Westmark is than it. Cheers