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  1. Selling a NEW Artec Gabe Taylor (147 cm) snowboard!!!

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Brand new (although not in original packaging, NEVER USED) Artec Gabe Taylor snowboard 147cm. eBay link:
  2. Potential Setup

    Hi everyone, I'm getting my first board soon and I want to order online. I've decided on the Artec Hyperfuzz and I like the Burton Cartel Bindings. I'll be getting large bindings and I'm not sure if they'll create any toe or heel drag for me. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I could find...
  3. Would this work?

    So I decided on getting this board would these bindings work? i know that burton has that est thing so sometimes theyre not compatible. also, color scheme? yes, no?
  4. First Board, Advice?

    Hello everyone, I started snowboarding last year and loved it. I'd say that I'm pretty good. Right now, I would like to buy my first board. I enjoy riding groomed trails, I'm not too much of a park guy. However, I don't want to go super fast. Basically, I just want to have fun. I was looking at...