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  1. Union Altas '13 Toe Straps / Ratchets

    Hi There Guys, First of all, I'm new to the forum so.. Hi Everyone! So I got myself some Atlas 2013s last year and I am having a major problem getting the toe strap ratchet to release. I've even had to unscrew myself a few times. It's mainly my lead foot but the other one has been fairly hard...
  2. Genesis, diode, or........atlas?

    Hey guys, I am trying to decide which binding to get which will pair up with my new never summer cobra. I'm going to be freeriding mosty with minimal freestyle. Your thoughts?
  3. Doubt: Union Atlas vs. Force vs. Flite Pro

    Hi everyone! First of all I will say that my level of snowboarding is still kinda beginner/entry level. I just ordered my first whole new snowboard (Nitro T1, 2014) and I'm really looking forward to testing it! To the board I need some bindings *surprise* :) Actually I've already ordered the...
  4. Cartels, 390 Boss, Union Atlas.

    I'm look at the Cartels, 390 Boss, Union Atlas. All 2012-2013 models Can people way in on: Stiffness Comfort Flex Overall experience? I'm looking for a binding that's good all around. I'm a down hill longboarder, this is my off season. So if any longboarders want to share their input it will...