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attack banana

  1. Lib Tech Attack Banana 2015 or T rice Pro 2016?

    Hey guys. I'm between 5'9''-5'10'' and 165lbs. Trying to decide between 2 boards. Current board: 2012 Burton Clash - 158 This was my very first board, been riding it for about 4 seasons. I definitely want a shorter, higher performance board. This will likely be the only board in my quiver and...
  2. Skate Banana or Attach Banana?

    Goodmorning Sirs, I'm an italian snowboarder, My Foot is american 13 size, 91kg, 186cm! I'm regular but i go often in switch! I'm coming from a 2012 custom x 158 wide! I think it's a good board but sometimes too aggressive and never-forgiving. Moreover legs are always under pressure and...
  3. New rider looking for a new board

    hey everyone, i've been snowboarding a few times and own a K2 Fuse in a 150 that's about 6-7yrs old. i've got some Burton Mission bindings and will be getting some K2 Maysis boots to go with the setup. i'm 5'9" weighing in about 145lbs with a size 9.5 boot. i'm looking for a new board and...
  4. Which Lib Tech board?

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help choosing the most suitable Lib Tech board for myself. I have been riding for 5 years, I spent usually 10-15 days each year. Now it's going to change because I moved to Austria, really close to the mountains. Currently I have a Burton Bullet '08 (160) board...
  5. Attack Banana vs. Ride buckwild

    I need a new board this year and im looking for something that will be great all around and in the park. I was perviously riding the skate banana and thats primarily why im looking at the attack banana. The buckwild is around the same flex as the banana but has a flat rocker. Hard choice, need...