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  1. Boards
    Question is ... should I go with 2018/19 Burton Deep Thinker 157 for $280 USD ... OR ... a 2020/21 Burton Family Tree 3D Deep Daze 159 for $350 USD? My daily drivers have been Burton Customs for a long time. My current daily driver and only stick in my quiver is a 2016/17 Burton Custom...
  2. Back Country Travel
    Hi, I'm new on this forum and for reference am 16 with 8 years of snowboarding under my belt. I do a lot of park riding, but have gotten bored of it. Does anyone know of good spots for backcountry snowboarding in wisconsin, preferably southeastern?
  3. Snowboarding General Chat
    Last year I wrote on the topic on Tree Wells, and it got stickied on the front page. I will never know, but if it saved one person from the perils of drowning in snow, I will forever feel grateful and happy for that. >:) Even if for a second, someone stopped and re-evaluated their line, that's...
  4. Southwest US
    Trying to connect with some LA/SoCal folks that are interested in earning some turns. Hoping to finally get San Gorgonio this year but also some weekend trips to the southern Eastern Sierras around Lone Pine.
  5. Boards
    I'm in the hunt for a new splitboard set-up after upgrading to the new Spark R&D bindings last year. I mostly ride southern california and eastern sierras but will be going to Japan in January too. I'm undecided between the Arbor Abacus and Venture Storm. I'm leaning towards the Arbor because...
  6. Boards
    I was looking to expand my quiver and definitely in the market for a powder board. However i'm not really sure what aspects of a board can aid in sticking landings into powder and was wondering what they would be? I understand nothing can compensate for correct skill and technique, however...
  7. Boards
    went into the trees without enough coverage, like an idiot. anyway, nicked up my edge a bit. this a big deal? flame suit:ON
  8. Buy and Sell Other Items
    Voile split kit: Brand new. All components included, most of which are in their original plastic packaging. Comes in original box. $130 buyer pays shipping. G3 Alpinist splitboard skins. short (145-159cm). Untouched, plastic never removed from backs, brand new. Comes in original box. $140...
  9. Snowboarding General Chat
    backcountry? evo? The House? who?
  10. Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    conquered marked glade trails with a fair amount of ease. it was the unmarked stuff that made me sketch out a bit and i almost bit it pretty hard a few different times. would you guys consider these wide open or tight? these were a black diamond glade run that i fared pretty well on.
  11. Photography, Video, and Other Media
    Hi! Looking for the title of a 10-15 year old movie. And the only thing I know is a section in the movie. Its maybe 8-10 guys with their snowmobiles out in the backcountry, they build a kicker and jump in the pow, and one of the guys slams hard and hit his head so bad that he get a concussion...
  12. Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    i have only attempted them 3-4 times but i can't seem to figure them out. granted the ones i've ridden were fairly tight but i was unable to keep a steady pace. either too quick and then falling or too slow. ugh. so frustrating. any advice?
  13. Back Country Travel
    Pro Ride Whistler announces the dates for its 2015 backcountry specific training camp - March 14th 2015. The program will take students through - 4 days of backcountry specific coaching with Pro Ride’s top coaches - 2.5-day AST (avalanche skills training) level 1 course - 1 full day Cat...
  14. General Travel Forum
    Pro Ride announces the dates for its 2015 Backcountry Specific Training Camp - March 14th 2015. The program will take students through - 4 days of backcountry specific coaching with Pro Ride’s top coaches - 2.5-day AST (avalanche skills training) level 1 course - 1 full day Cat Boarding...
  15. Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    would like to start this since i need help and am now addicted to glade riding tried it for the first time last year at Stowe in vermont. got my ass KICKED, but absolutely LOVED it. just such a more interesting/fun/back-to-nature type experience that i have never had on a trail (at least on the...
  16. General Travel Forum
    What's up guys, I'm trying to plan a trip for next winter and I've been trying to find the best place for resort powder riding and some backcountry. Really, I just want to find a place where I'm going to get the best powder I can get, that's decently uncrowded so there's tons of freshies. I...
  17. Back Country Travel
    Going to NZ (south island) in early july, and planning to heli-board, but I don't know where it's best, and which company offers the best deals (prices compared with customer experience)?? Any other experiences (tips, advice, suggestions) with snowboarding bc in New Zealand? -please share! I...
  18. Boards
    I am 13 and going in to my 2nd season. I am 5' 10 and about 140 lbs and have big feet. I have not owned a board before. I am looking for a board that's good for park and powder/backcountry but most of all easier for linking turns and navigating around. Also not super expensive.
  19. Bindings
    Hello everybody i'm new in this forum!! i'm going to change a binding for this year. i always use a Custom Snowboard Binding, but i was looking online and i find this new binding Now Snowboarding | World's First Skate Influenced Binding what do you think? i have a splitboard and most the...
  20. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    I have a brand new in shrink-wrap 2012 Atomic Poacher Renu Premium Splitboard Package It's a 164 CM board Looking to get $450 + ship Which is a steal considering this comes with EVERYTHING you need.... minus poles :D This splitboard setup comes with: Atomic Poacher Premium Renu Splitboard...
1-20 of 20 Results