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  1. first backyard edit (short commute)

    Photography, Video, and Other Media
    i am trying to promote my vimeo channel and my new edit, Its my first edit that ive made in my backyard. I think it turned out pretty nice considering it was all filmed with tripods
  2. Backyard Park

    Snowboarding General Chat
    Hey Guys, I'm making a backyard snowboard drop-in. It's an 8ft drop-in, and I have a few PVC rails to use with it. I want to make a jump, but not sure what I should do. Should I just make one out of snow, or make one out of wood that would be covered by the turf I'm using for the drop in? If I...
  3. Backyard Rail

    Snowboarding General Chat
    Hello, I am looking to get a rail whelded for my backyard park. I was wondering what type of steel wouldn't rust or scratch my board. Thanks
  4. Jib City

    Jib City

    Secret backyard stash
  5. Canoe Jib

    Canoe Jib