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  1. FS: 2018/19 Bataleon Whatever 154cm and 2019/20 Bataleon Party Wave 148cm

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    I'm selling two used Bataleon boards both in good condition with some expected wear. I am located in Calgary, AB, Canada. I am willing to deliver anywhere within Calgary and surrounding area and will drive within an hour or so to meet. I am also willing to ship items within reason. Any and all...
  2. Capita Slush Slasher vs Bataleon Party Wave

    Anyone ridden both the Capita Slush Slasher and the Bataleon Party Wave? Any opinions are much appreciated. Want to purchase one, but I am torn which one to get. Mainly ride Stevens Pass in the PNW (All conditions, expert rider).
  3. FS: BATALEON THE ONE E.S. 154cm new

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Hi, selling my brand new snowboard, in original plastic wrap. BATALEON THE ONE E.S. size: 154cm Awesome, top of the line board from bataleon, especially for powder/big mountain/carving. Google and check it out if you're not familiar! Only selling because I decided to go with something else...
  4. Need help picking an all-mountain snowboard

    Hey all, I started snowboarding 2 years ago and I've started looking into getting a new snowboard. I am looking for a good all-mountain board, able to handle powder but also hit fun lines on groomers. I enjoy to ride switch, cut through trees quickly, carve, butter, and hit the sides. My boot...
  5. Bataleon Surfer - 154 vs. 159 ???

    Hi there - I'm torn between which size to get for the Bataleon Surfer - 154 or 159. I'm about 6'1" and weigh around 170-175lbs. I ride a Capita DOA 154 as my everyday board... I'll be spending two weeks in Japan this winter and ride Tahoe as my home mountain/area. I know the 159 Surfer...
  6. Snowboard Size Help

    I’m looking to purchase the Bataleon Distortia as an all mountain freestyle board but I can’t decide on the size. I’m 5ft 5 and 75kg. Bataleon say the Distortia is suitable for 54-70+ kgs for both the 149, and the 152. I rode a 151 fun kick that is more flexible and suitable for 55 - 73kgs...
  7. Bataleon Evil Twin 159W at 6'5 and 195lbs?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a new all-mountain/freestyle board. I consider myself to be a quite advanced rider by now and have started to get into the park a lot more lately. Going for medium kickers and getting comfortable on boxes, rails, etc. I'm really looking to progress with tricks in the...
  8. Which Bataleon board is right for me?

    Height : 6 ft Weight : 175 lbs i currently ride a 159 arbor westmark camber. while it is a very nice board and all, it is a little too big and too stiff for my liking. i like messing around, like hitting small-medium kickers, boxes, some rails, and bombing hills. i want to get into ground...
  9. New Freestyle Powder Board

    Advice for a New Freestyle Powder Board Hi all, been riding for almost 15 years now and have rode nearly every brand snowboard at some point or another. I'll be moving from Park City to Jackson in November and would really like to get a freestyle-powder specific board anywhere from 150-157...
  10. Opinions on Burton Custom Flying V and Bataleon Boss?

    If you've used either, what was your opinion on the board? Not really a which is better forum, just opinions please. Anything think helps! Thanks in advance.
  11. Burton Custom vs Bataleon Boss vs Nitro T1.5??

    Im getting a new board and am wanting one the is overall great on both park and trails. I'm pretty sure I want a twin, but am unsure of which board to get. So far these three have been recommended to me, what are your thoughts on them and any other recommendations?
  12. Would love some help in deciding on my first setup!

    Hey guys! I've been snowboarding for a couple of weeks in total and I've now decided to buy my own gear for the first time, super stoked :) I have very basic knowledge of what to look for in snowboard equipment, but basically what I did was that I looked over a bunch of reviews (mainly from...
  13. 2015 Bataleon Feelbetter 146 Board FS

    I have this seasons Bataleon Feelbetter TBT in size 146cm for sale. It's the funnest board I've ever ridden and it breaks my heart to sell it. The raised edges (TripleBaseTechnology) make flat spinning and butters the easiest thing in the world and catching an edge is basically impossible...
  14. New Jib Board

    Thinking of picking up a new board next year I'm conflicted between a dinosaurs will die maet or a bataleon disaster or airobic any opinions? I like the idea of tbt cause I wouldn't have to detune my edges but I've never tried it, any opinions?
  15. Snowboard Addict

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hi there. As the title suggests, I was a heavy user of the site, before it became a ghost town zombie site that kept sending me birthday wishes. I had a fixation with grey texts...don't know why. Anyway, here now because /r/snowboarding was feeling a bit stale. I also...
  16. Advice needed: chick's all mountain board - GNU, Roxy, or...?

    Hi all, Newbie here looking for some expert advice! I'm looking into buying my own board for the coming season. I used hire boards all last season (155) and they sucked. I tried a friend's Rome Artifact Rocker 153 and loved it. I'd class myself as beginner-intermediate - I can link turns down a...
  17. Bataleon 151 Twin Test Board (Evil Twin?)

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    See pics (I had to reply to this to post the other pic). I have a Bataleon 151 Twin Test Board (which I'm thinking is probably an Evil Twin test board) for sale. I have never seen one of these before so I can't tell you much about it, however I can tell you that this only appears to have had...
  18. Does union bindigs L/XL fit on a regular wigth board??

    Does union bindigs L/XL fit on a regular wigth board??(in partioular on a bataleon airobic / lobster parkboard 154, 252mm or 157 255mm )without hanging off the board?
  19. help! 11,5 boots on 154 airobic! can i handle it?

    help!11,5 boots on a 154 bataleon airobic (or lobster parkboard) do u think i can handle it with large stance and angles? i dont rly care about massive carves.. just want to butter around a bit : D anyone with a 11,5 on regular boards? the airobic should be quite a wide board overall.. and is so...
  20. WTB: 156Wide Bataleon Global Warmer

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    I am looking to buy a new or used 156w Bataleon global warmer. It can be this years or last years it doesn't matter. I will also consider buying a 154 or maybe even a 156w areobic, evil twin, or lobster park baord. I will be paying via paypal Let me know what you've got! Thanks!