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  1. BRAND NEW! Rare Endeavour 157 Pabst Series (PBR) 2016

    Brand spanking new, never saw snow. Hand Made in Canada, Endeavour Pabst Blue Ribbon Series 157cm Very rare bottle cap graphic, Super hard size to find in these boards. Light weight, super dope board, will be the envy of a lot of PBR fans at the slopes. MSRP 599.00 CAD+ Tax Asking 549.00 CAD...
  2. a basin

    Intermountain US
    So i'm headed to a basin for the first time ever this weekend and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on which slopes are the best. Also how strict are the bars, would you advise against using a fake to get some beer between runs?
  3. 1st Annual Heckler Magazine Rattlesnake Rampage

    Snowboarding General Chat
    Moved on from Tahoe Snowboard Mag, and I'm starting to help out with the Heckler guys. Awesome guys, obviously with huge passions for skating, music, and snowboarding. We'll be launching a digital mag within the next few months, and then a print edition before the start of next season. Stoked...
  4. Thirst while Riding

    Snowboarding General Chat
    Did a search but didn't find much. How do you guys and gals deal with thirst while boarding. I've seen some people ride with open beer/energy cans and it can be pretty funny when they fall. I'm considering developing a flexible bottle that you can store your liquids in. Just curious on what...
  5. Anyone seen this board before?

    My friend gave it to me for $15 so I thought it was unique and interesting. Can't find it online and it's not the greatest board (far from it actually) but it might be a cool hang on the wall thing. It's a Pyramid Ale's Flow board.