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binding fit

  1. ISO: Old Bindings

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    I have a Morrow Todd Richards Customized Reveret and I'm looking to see if I can find a pair of bindings to fit it. My Ride Prestons don't fit it. I am going to need a base that's wider. I have been told that I should put this up on a wall but I'd prefer to bring it back to life and ride my...
  2. Another 'are my binding too small' question

    Short version: Are my bindings too small? (see pics below) Longer version: I'm 90 kg, 278 cm tall, 282 Mondo feet. I've bought Northwave Decade 285 boots, Union Strata M bindings and Salomon Super 8 board. Although Union recommends L size bindings for 280+ boots, I decided to check M size...
  3. Cold/numb feet!

    Hi all - I’m having a reoccurring problem where my feet get cold/numb halfway through a day of riding (mid 20’s low 30’s temp). My normal shoe size is a W8.5 and my first rental pair of boots were a 7.5, to which they were faaaar too tight so I sized up to an 8 for the season, but I’m still...
  4. Will Ride Rodeo/Union Contact fit ThirtyTwo Lashed

    Hello guys, I have two problems that won't let me sleep at night and I was wondering if you could help me. For previous 2 years my board was stepchild sucks and I used it with drake fifty bindings and northwave legend shoes. Now I started to change my setup and I already bought ThirtyTwo lashed...
  5. Is there a way to make my bindings fit tighter

    I have vans boots size 10.5 and mission bindings size large the binding straps are as small as they can go but I need them even smaller so that I can make the straps tighter when I'm riding is there a way to fix this?
  6. Flow NX2-GT Large may be too large?

    Hi Guys, Picked up some new Flow NX2-GT bindings last week and just got them on the board with the boots strapped in. Although I did consult the sizing chart on Flow's website I'm thinking these L bindings might be a bit big as the straps only have a few clicks left on them. What do you guys...
  7. New bindings don't fit boot

    Hi everyone, Some of you may have seen my thread about trying to get base plates to fit with my Head bindings for the Burton 3D hole pattern on a Burton Lux. Basically after going to multiple stores and trying numerous base plates I wasn't able to make some fit into my Head bindings. Yesterday...