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  1. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Have a set of all black Rome Katanas (L/XL) for sale, last year’s model. Approx 10-12 days on them. Nothing wrong with them and still look almost new. I do not need a binding quiver and decided to stick with my select pros. Includes both flat and canted footbeds (see pics). All mounting...
    $200 USD
  2. Bindings
    Hi, I’m new in this Forum. I bought new boots and my Burton binding doesn’t fit anymore. I have a large 13.0 shoe size. does anyone know why it doesn’t work? the buckle is fully extended
  3. Bindings
    I’m a size 10 in rome boots and I’m testing out both M and L union chargers to see what works better. Anyone have some input on what size I should go with? I have medium union forces and they feel great, but I feel like my toes hang over more on these medium chargers. Would love to use the...
  4. Bindings
    Heading to Japan in February for a few weeks and need bindings advice please. I’ve always used Burton Cartel bindings which do the job but they are on the stiffer side. I’ve never tried a softer flex. I’m taking over a Lib Tech T.Rice Orca ‘22 153cm and Jones Mind Expander Twin ‘23 158cm...
  5. Bindings
    I just bought new union flite binding Large. I have read online that they tend to hang a bit but is this too much overhang? My boots are nitro size 10 and 153cm rosignol snowboard? Im just a regular rider, i dont do park’s. Thanks
  6. Bindings
    Hi all, I have a splitboard with Voile interface system. I ride that with hardboots. But I would also like to mount my standard snowboard soft-binding with a 4-hole disc to it. Just to use it for normal snowboarding in softboots. Are you aware of adapters or interface systems that make it...
  7. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Not my style unfortunately. Didn’t ride them much. I bought better ankle straps for these and they’re included. They were $80. Lmk if you don’t want them included. Want to sell or trade for M/L Rome Cleavers, Nitro Team Pros, or Ride C-8s. Buyer pays half of shipping if bought at full price.
    $300 USD
  8. Bindings
    Hi everyone!! I have Burton´s Binding from 2009 Cartel model, which there have no toe ramps, I just realize yesterday when I went snowboarding (I found one of them broken) I´ve been searching online where could I buy replacements, no idea if that exist, or if I could replace them with any...
  9. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Any interest in trading my medium brackish malavita reflex’s for a pair of malavita est set up? Lightly used 2021/2022 model
  10. Boards
    Just finished setting up my brand new board and bindings ( Yes Basic 2022 158cm and Union Force 2023 Large). I noticed that there is a slight of overhang on both sides of the board, will that be a problem? Also, for some reason the middle sticker for some odd reason i cant managed to remove...
  11. Bindings
    Looking for this spare part for my Burton Bindings. specifically it's the toe ramp on the right binding and the model is Burton Custom Digtal Surround Bindings if that's helpful. Both of the toe ramps broke off on the mountain, lost one but was able to save the left. Burton support said they no...
  12. Bindings
    I just purchased a Jones Mountain Twin and am deciding which bindings to pair with it. I'm coming off a 2016 Burton Custom with Cartel EST bindings. I mostly freeride but really like to seek out side hits and occasionally play around in the park and want this board to be able to do it all. I'm...
  13. Boards
    Hi guys , As new memeber on this forum and snowboarder driver for last three years i decide to buy a new board Some details that might be helpful: I don't do parks Driving on-piste, Not too tiring on the legs as I'm 33+ but exercisin :ROF I tried switching but I'm not good so enoguh and...
  14. Bindings
    WTB: In desperate need of a pair of bindings that will fit an old M5 Burton channel board. It has been pretty impossible to find bindings and hardware that fit on the board.
  15. Boards
    My ex left this board at my place and I've had it sitting in storage for 3 years now. Just want to identify the brand and year of it so I could possibly sell it?? I don't snowboard so have no use for it.
  16. Boots
    Howdy guys and gals, I have a nice pair of Adidas boots in size 11 that feel uncomfortable when my binding is tightened down. It feels like the vein on top of my left foot gets moved around when I shift weight to my toe side. I've tried strapping in and lacing up at different tensions but...
  17. Bindings
    Hi, I've just bought the Capita DOA. I also have a Burton Ambush boot (13 size) and I'm wondering which bindings to buy. I thought that Union Force or Burton Cartel or Burton Mission will be good. Do you have any suggestions? It would be better if the bindings will be a little cheaper than...
  18. Bindings
    Hello everyone! This is my first post. Tl;dr - my heel hangs off my board much more and adjusting the highback rotation while keeping it flush to the highback doesn't help. Same with adjusting the reflex disc I received. I just bought new bindings as i now don't want to rock used anymore. I'm...
  19. Bindings
    Getting a completely new board/binding setup for the season - just finished ordering the K2 Alchemist and need help deciding between the Cleaver/Katana to pair with it (or open to any other binding suggestions too). Was previously set on getting the Katana 20/21 Orange model since it would pair...
  20. Bindings
    Hi guys, I bought a brand new Jones Mountain Twin 2022, and I still can't decide which bidings to buy between the Burton Cartel, Cartel X, or Union Force. Maybe there are more bindings to choose with in the Union lineup, but I don't know which. My preference right now goes to the Cartel X...
1-20 of 88 Results