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  1. Help with binding straps

    Good night. I hope you guys can help me. My cousin gave me an old snowboard with bindings, that he no longer uses. When I went to ride on the first descent my straps broke. I would like you to help me find the replacement of the straps that fits. I want to replace all the straps. The model is...
  2. Toe strap replacement

    The toe strap on my Nitro Lynx (probably 2015 model or earlier) just snapped. I'm going to buy a new one but I don't know which toe straps will fit the binding. Can I buy a Burton toe strap, or does it have to be a toe strap from the same model?
  3. Burton Genesis, Cartel or Malavita

    Thinking of getting some new bindings, want to get some Burton ones, Genesis, Cartel or Malavita. I have a 2017 Yes Basic board, mostly ride on piste/groomers but also do a bit of powder on the side piste and some small park features. Looking for a binding that can do everything. I have heard...
  4. Stiff boots with thick liner

    Hi snowboarders of the internet, here I am back cause I am desperate and need a help. I am sure that you read this story for many and the (not only toe but also ankle) pain. First a bit recap: I am from Slovakia (Europe), I am > 100kg and snowboarding for > 10 years and trying to...
  5. Burton Genesis X question on Flex and whether to use for beginner

    I’m a beginner and am learning to link turns. Have been 8x times and plan to go 5-6x/year. I just purchased the Genesis X 2018 binding and it is rated medium stiff. Today at the snowboard store I was told by one of the guys that this binding is too stiff and I shouldn’t use it. I’m conflicted...
  6. Noobie, Need help setting up boots/ bindings

    My current setup is shown in the picture below. Is there too much toe overhang and should I switch the binding disks vertically and align the boots farther back? Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. First Snowboard

    Hi Everyone, I was in Japan last season for my first snowboarding trip and absolutely loved it. I spent a week there and was riding black runs by day 3 and started exploring off-piste on the last 2 days. I was gutted I didn't try the off-piste runs earlier in the trip. I am going back for 2...
  8. Choosing my first splitboard and bindings

    Hello Im new in this forum and new in the backcountry, but i've been riding for about 8 years. I was thinking in the Weston Backwoods, as my very first split, given its characteristics. -What size would be perfect for me? im 5'7'' (160 pounds approx) and 42,5EUR. -What about this board to do...
  9. Flux DS vs Union Force

    I'm looking for a solid park binding. i narrowed my choices down to these too. Please give your input. I'm open for other suggestions but please stay between these two bindings and give feedback about these two.
  10. What Park Bindings should I get?

    I am currently looking for a softer flex park binding and I'm very indecisive. I ride a Bataleon Global Warmer. Please give your suggestions on what the go to bindings are!
  11. Making a high end binding to enter the market. Let me know what you want

    So first off this is my first post on this forum, I checked the member guidelines for advertising and it said this type of thing was acceptable, so if it's not I'd appreciate if an admin let me know before I get ban hammered into ski boots. I'm the lead 5 axis cnc programmer and cad designer at...
  12. Park Bindings

    I need some suggestions for good bindings for freestyle. I wanted to get them in red if possible but that's not a requirement. Something very forgiving but having good support to take on jumps going fast. Help please.
  13. Binding recommendation for Salomon Derby

    I pulled the trigger on a 2016 Salomon Derby a couple of days ago and now it's time to find bindings. I tried to look around, but tbh I have no idea what should I look for. This short & fat board is a completely new territory for me. :grin: I'm open to any suggestions, I don't have any brand...
  14. Looking for good binding

    Hello there, I am new to this forum. I have created an account because I am looking for a new binding and am a bit lost, as there are no good stores closeby where I could just go by and ask/look. I have a Nitro Carrara snowboard (153 cm) and Nitro shoes (size EU 39). I am a girl, 1.67 m, 56 kg...
  15. Cal Surf 25th Anniversary (NvrSmr Evo) sz 136 and flow M9

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    I have this setup that my kid has used for the past two years for sale. It's a Cal Surf 25th Anniversary board, I was told it's the Never Summer Evo mini by the salesman when we bought it. Also Medium Flow M9 come with the setup. I'm thinking $250 obo for this setup.
  16. Too much binding overhang?

    Hey, So I put L/XL Union Ultras on my Arbor Guch 162, and this is the result. I am a bit worried that the binding overhang (2mm +-1) will cause drag. I am wearing size 11 boots, so I could get M/L if that is too much overhang, although they might be a bit more of pain when it comes to straping...
  17. union Force vs Ride Rodeo vs OTHERS

    im getting a new lib tech hot knife in a few days and need some bindings too. im looking for something that will let me carve it out around the resort, and then go and hit a few jumps and boxes. im an advanced rider(carving, and riding around resorts) but a complete beginner to park(im planning...
  18. help identifying Binding maker

    I bought some boots and they came with bindings. They where unusual and I can find little to identify them. Hope someone here recognizes them. Note the over-center adjuster on ankle strap. The adjustable connection contains only a release, no ratchet. This is the only logo on the unit.
  19. Sizing

    what do you do when you're "in between" sizes? for instance, i am a size 10 boot and with Burton Cartels, the website says i can either go with a M or a L binding. your thoughts on the issue?
  20. will the Ride LX Snowboard Binding fit a 3hole pattern snowboard

    I have a burton 3d 3 hole pattern board. will the Ride LX Snowboard Bindings fit my board. I'm not sure what baseplates are provided. im hoping its universal baseplates. Ride LX Snowboard Binding-Cyan-M - The Boardroom