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  1. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Brand new. Not even used. Medium only mounted to the board. New 399 plus tax selling for 340.
    $320 USD
  2. Bindings
    Hi, I have a Burton Process 159, which has 255mm waist width and suggested binding size L. I've been riding it with M sized Burton Mission bindings, but now I'm considering upgrading to Burton Cartel L size. My boots are the Burton Rulers 10 size and I ride mostly all-mountain and pow. Do...
  3. Bindings
    As the title suggests, I'm trying to find a good binding that works for pretty much everything. I'll be doing carves, jumps, side hits, jibs, butterings, etc. If you have another suggestion, I'll happily take that into consideration as well.
  4. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Brand new NOW Drive bindings in large. Does not include original box.
    $325 USD
  5. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Really enjoyed these bindings, but got a new pair to experiment with this year. Took these everywhere from the park, groomers, sidecountry, and backcountry. Was really fun to play around with them on a bunch of different boards. Incredibly versatile. Will include (upgraded) replacement ankle...
    $175 USD
  6. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Size: Small (6-8+ boots) Flex: 7/10 Condition: Brand New MSRP: $330+tax Brand New Burton Cartel X snowboard bindings. EST channel. Bindings only work with Channel mount boards (Burton, Signal, Endeavor snowboards etc) $180 Shipped within lower 48 US.
    $180 USD
  7. Bindings
    I just got a Jones Mountain Twin and am looking at new bindings. Rn my top picks are the Nitro Team, Salomon District, Nidecker Kaon-X, and the Burton Mission. I'm more of an all-mountain freeride type of rider and only occasionally go into the park. I get a lot of pow where I live as well...
  8. Bindings
    Hello, I’ve just bought my first new board in 14 years with the Capita Outsiders and I’m looking for advice on what bindings to pair with it. I’d say I’m experienced intermediate, I like to hit the park but it’s not often open at the time of year that I go snowboarding so I’m mostly hitting...
  9. Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hi! I'm looking to buy my first snow board. To give context. I've riden a really old 2008 Burton board that a friend lend me to learn. And rented a few times, most of the time Burton as well. Most felt fine and to be honest the only thing I noticed was that the new rented ones were WAY lighter...
  10. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Brand new NOW Drive bindings. (MSRP $399 for 23' season) Have never been mounted or used.
    $350 USD
  11. Australia - New Zealand
    Hey Guys, Just purchased the 22’ Capita DoA. After riding my Capita Outerspace Living for 3 seasons I decided it was time for an upgrade / change. However I need help in Upgrading my bindings aswell. I’d say I Ride majority all-mountain, getting into the park a little bit more and more each...
  12. Bindings
    Hi I'm a new snowboarder (only been on 2 days in the same trip) and I picked up quickly and loved it Now I'm looking to invest in equipment that will help me progress and that will last me a season or 2 I'm 171lb, 182cm, size 12-12.5 in most shoes and I have liked riding switch so far. Also I...
  13. Bindings
    Hi, last season I got some thirtytwo TM2 double boas and everything is fine apart from the fact I just can’t get them set up right with my bindings. I’ve got flow fuse hybrids and no matter how much I tweak the setup I get about an inch of heel lift (edit: boot lifting in the binding, not my...
  14. Bindings
    Hi! This season bought Ultra Mind Expander 158, Rome Cleaver and Burton Driver X boots. I would like freeride board and good for carving and icy conditions. This UME is insane, this is a brutal carving board. Now this is the best for me. I have Rome Cleaver, very good bindings but i would like...
  15. Bindings
    Rotating your highbacks is important to some and a big "whatever" for others. Where do you stand on this technical option?
  16. Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hey! after some set up advice please. Am petite 160 cm and size 36 feet. Was finding that I’m constantly getting cramp in my rear calf and numbness in my feet esp the back. It’s getting better as my technique has improved and ive gone much looser on my boots and bindings however I’m now looking...
  17. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Brand new. Fits previous generation bindings. They will not work for current models. Make sure that these are what you need before you buy. $60 obo. Thanks!
    $60 USD
  18. Bindings
    I'm trying to decide on a new pair of bindings and the selection is just overwhelming and difficult to know how expensive is good enough. I'm 6,2' 176 lbs and ride 11,5 US boots. My board is Lib Tech Cold Brew 158w and boots Vans Hi standard Pros. At 44 years old I'm an ex-advanced rider and...
  19. Bindings
    Hello fellas, i've got a question im a beginner who just buyed Burton Descendant 2020 160, for which bindings should i go Union Contact Pro or Flite pro? I'm open for another opinions, just trying to get the best setup for the board. Ps. Channel System
  20. Bindings
    First of all, hello everyone. I need help choosing my bindings. Driving style 80% prepared routes and 20% park. I'm just starting my adventure with the park, then it may be 50/50. I have been riding for some 15 years so that these are not my beginnings on the board. So far I have used Burton...
1-20 of 304 Results