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  1. Sold: Please Delete

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Hey everybody. This board and binding setup has never been used. I decided to go with a different board style and was unable to return this board at the shop I purchased it. Thanks for looking. Let me know if you have any questions. PayPal preferable. Available for local pickup in Oak Brook, IL...
  2. Flow Channel Discs?

    Anyone know where I can find Flow Channel Discs? I bought Flow Five bindings & Burton Ripcord board (channel) but now can't seem to find Flow Channel Discs available anywhere. Please help!
  3. Arbor WestMark Snowboard,Airblaster,Burton,Smith i/o

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    arbor westmark board $150 vrocker size 150 (have had over 20 boards) this one is one of the best air blaster grumpy jacket M - $100 air blaster pants - $80 flux sr15 bindings - $120 burton boots size 8.5 $100 burton flannel water proof - $50 Smith I/OX Goggles retail $200 $70 cause has scratches...
  4. WTB Burton Custom Bindings (M) and Used Med. Flex Boots (9)

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Looking to buy Burton Bindings for my 2007 Burton Blunt. I have 3D Binding attachments so I will need bindings that fit those. Also looking for boots with a medium flex size 9. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.
  5. Advice needed on toe-caps, ratchets and ladders for Now Drive bindings.

    Toe-caps, ratchets and ladders for Now Drive bindings. Hi all, it's that time of year when I'm prepping my kit to put away for the summer, and I want to make sure it's all good to go for next season. I recently picked up a pair of Now Drive 2019 bindings in sale. I love everything about them...
  6. stiff board + medium flex bindings?

    I have a new (ish) long (168cm *), stiff, full camber board for learning to improve my carving at speed (keeping closer to my skier wife). I paired it with super stiff NOW O-Drive bindings. Everything's great on groomers - great for carving where small movements and super responsiveness is a...
  7. UNION contact pro vs UNION flite pro

    So I bought a new park board and I need new bindings in the near future(I have the bindings from my first board and they are morrow dimensions). I’m 12 so cost is a taken into consideration a lot whenever i’m buying something, plus i’m still growing and I don’t want to spend $300 for bindings...
  8. Binding Overhang

    Hey guys just got my first board and was able to get a pair of Union Force's from a friend and was wondering if this was too much overhang? I wear a size 11 boot and these are Large Bindings. My boards a 154cm width 25.2. I ride goofy with +18 on the front foot and -15 on the back. Thanks!
  9. Bindings Lose their Mind Halfway Down--So Do I.

    I finally live near mountains and am able to go snowboarding on the reg. This is my first true season with my own gear. Solved the main issue of wearing boots way too big (women's size 9 to Ride 7.5---they were a gift and ordered online so I didn't try on in store). First short run in my setup...
  10. all mountain bindings on a midflex park board

    hey guys, i have a 7/10 all mountain board with 7/10 bindings and i just bought a 5/10 park board to get more into freestyle. if i could only have 1 pair of bindings would it be better to have stiff bindings on a mid board of mid bindings on a stiff board?
  11. Help: Trying to identify these bindings

    Hey all, Bought these bindings from Play it Again Sports (2nd hand sports store) and was wondering what exactly I ended up with here. They were listed on the tag as "Burton Mission Bindings", however they have decals on all sides that say "Custom"? Anyway, here's a picture – any help is...
  12. Venue Board with Drake bindings

    Hey all! I have been snowboarding for years, but don't know much about what makes a good snowboard/bindings. Right now I am riding a Venue Hans Ahlund 155cm with some Drake 50 sport performance bindings. Any opinions on this setup? I don't have issues with it but wanna start hitting up the...
  13. Snowboard gear for sale! A couple of snowboards and bindings.

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Selling some gear: Lib Tech T.Rice Goldmember 155 - used 3 times for less than half a day each time - $475 shipped, or best offer Never Summer Proto Type Two 154 - SOLD!!! - used two whole days - $400 shipped, or best offer Jones Explorer 156 - used for half a day - $300 shipped, or best...
  14. SALOMON S3 BINDINGS: Opinion needed?

    I'm planning to buy brand new Salomon S3 bindings from someone (they're unused) from 2016. But i can't seem to find reviews/forums on them online. Any opinions on them?
  15. Too much time on toes and heel

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    Hi All, Pretty new to the forum so just looking for some ideas. I've been riding for quite a while though I'm not on the slopes all the time. I got 3-5 times a year usually. I have noticed that on my last few trips with my board I spend a lot of time on my heel and toe sides. When I used to...
  16. Help with boots cantering due to forward lean and high back rotation

    Snowboarding General Chat
    I'm noticing my boots never sit fully flat in my bindings. I assume this is a HUGE problem?! As I'm riding my bindings constantly loosen up as well. Especially the toe straps on both feet. I don't feel 'dialed in' and sometimes feel like my back foot / heel edge control is all over the place...
  17. M/L Katana & 10.5 ThirtyTwo Boots

    Was long overdue for a new setup, so I balled out and got a 157 NS Type Two, M/L Katana Bindings and 10.5 ThirtyTwo's. Problem is, the Katana's seem too small for my boots. I have the heel cup set all the way back, and the straps lengthened almost all the way, and the toe strap only gets a few...
  18. Burton Nug

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Really awesome board, comes with Burton Malivita ECT Bindings, its in great shape and shreds hard.
  19. Thinking new bindings?

    Binding Reviews
    Last year I got a new setup for all-mountain riding. Jones Discovery 145 and paired it with 2016/2017 Ride Capo bindings. Looking at this year's selection where I work has me drooling for new gear. Considering that the Capo's are men's bindings wondering if I should go for a woman's specific...
  20. FS 17' Burton Custom camber 65w with 17' Union force bindings

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    (SOLD) 17' Burton Custom camber 65w with 17' Union force bindings Clearing out some gear I don't need to make some room in the closet. The board was used for the late season mashed potatoes, has no core shots or edge damage. There is a small chip on the top sheet one being about a 1/4" on the...