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  1. Bindings
    I am hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction. I have an older pair of Burton P1.1 (Gold and White) and am looking for a toe strap replacement and have had no luck contacting Burton or local shops.. Does anyone know where I might be able to find any?? Thanks for your help.
  2. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Part of the 2020/2021 Union Force 5 Pack that was only sent to select shops around the globe. I used these 4 times last season. Looking to meet up in the Denver metro area or willing to ship if buyer pays for shipping.
  3. Bindings
    I can get both of these bindings for the exact same price. Which should I go with?
  4. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Never used 20/21 Burton Mission Re:Flex size M -$175+ shipping Like new 20/21 Burton Moto size 8.5 - $125+shipping
  5. Bindings
    I have been researching boards for the past few months and had settled on either getting the Niche Wraith or Niche Aether. Today I saw that they were on sale and i pulled the plug on a Niche Aether, 159 cm board for my 6'3 frame. Only question, I am not the most savvy with bindings, and need...
  6. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Board, boots and bindings purchased in 2015, only used twice! All items are in excellent condition, have been stored in closet for years. Located in Dedham, MA very close to Boston. Buyer can come pick up items or I may be able to deliver items in-person locally. -540 Remix 147cm board...
  7. Snowboarding General Chat
    No one is immune, as prices increase every year. Whether it be food or vehicles, everything seems to be getting more expensive. I just noticed a sudden price change on hard and soft goods. The increases have ranged from 5 to 7 percent, from last year. Here are a few examples in USD: Burton...
  8. Bindings
    Hi everyone, just looking for a bit of advice. I've just bought some Flox NX2-CX Fusions for half price in the sale, and I think I was a bit misled by the description on the website. It was described as an All Mountain/Freestlye binding which sounded perfect. Lots versatility but would still...
  9. Bindings
    Where I can find those Burton Scribe bindings? The model is a little old, so it's really hard to find them. But I hope any of you would have an idea :)
  10. Bindings
    Hey, First post here! I know step-in bindings can be a divider, why not just use your regular bindings. It's not that hard to strap in, right? Still, when I ride with my ski friends (yeah, I have those) it would be pretty sweet to just step in and go straight off the lift. Step on's/Clickers...
  11. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Looking to buy used bindings. Preferably Burton Mission flex or Arbor hemlocks. Size would be Medium (boot size 10) or M/L in case of Arbor. Located in NJ. Thanks!
  12. Bindings
    Hey guys, So I just received my new Union Strata 2021 bindings in L size and I'm thinking if they are too large and I should get replacement M size bindings. I wear 2015 ThirtyTwo JP Walker Light boots in size 10.5 US. Sucks being at the borderline size and I'm not sure if these bindings are...
  13. Bindings
    Hello! I've been considering to get either ones of those two. I like to ride freestyle/jibbing/park, but not sure which would be better for me. My board is Burton Clash 155 and boots Burton Moto. I would appreciate any help :).
  14. Bindings
    Hopping to find a reasonably priced pair of bindings. Preferably Fix or Union but let me know anything youve got to sell. From Ottawa Canada
  15. Bindings
    I've been riding for 20ish years usually getting 20-30 days in a season. Comfortable around the whole mountain except for big drops and icy couloirs. Seek out powder and powder stashes anywhere they can be found, love tight trees, and typically play around carving when it's a groomer day. I...
  16. Bindings
    Hello! I'm starting snowboarding (been riding a couple times now), and already got a Burton clash board. I'm thinking to buy Burton Freestyle Re:Flex bindings as my first bindings. I was wondering if anyone knows are those bindings Zero Forward Lean, so I could get some extra space for my feet...
  17. Boards
    I started snowboarding last week. I bought the season pass for Big Bear, i already went twice this week and I love it, so I plan on going more often. I have an old, beat up, Ride snowboard with old Vision bindings, bought it all for $30. The bindings have no high backs because they’re broken...
  18. Bindings
    Just picked up my new Rome National, was ready to throw on some 2020 Katana's to go with it that I found for a discount at a local board shop.... but a friend of mine rides Burton Genesis and was saying they are perfect for me because I'm 95% AM and FR with little to no park laps, I might take...
  19. Bindings
    So I struggle with flexibility. Always have since I was a child. Got the step ons last year but man was it hard for me to pull the release lever. Initially I did the mod that lets you swap the middle piece mechanism to put the lever on the inside. This helps with reach a bit better but also...
  20. Boards
    Do my snow board bindings and boots hang over my board too much? I’ve rented for almost 7 years and finally decided to buy my own board. I am a size 11 boot with a union force binding on a 160cm ride helix and the bindings slightly hang over in the front and the back should I switch to a wide...
1-20 of 270 Results