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  1. Total Newbie..on intermediate board.HELP.

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    So I went snowboarding for the first time and was hooked. I knew I was going to be taking this up as a hobby so I decided to buy a board. I told the girl at the snowboard shop that I was in fact a total newbie (I had only taken a lesson & rode for maybe 2 hours after) I was doing a fair amount...
  2. DC Emblem and Burton Moto Boots, FREE 5150 board and Burton bag! (FS/FT)

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    Hey everyone! My name is William and I am new to your community. I've recently started snowboarding this past year and I've fallen in love with it! I've already built (2) completes and bought a travel bag so I'm ready to shred this next season. However I need Boots! The story behind the two...
  3. 5150 Shooter Snowboard 138 cm and Boots size 7 mens

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    5150 Shooter Snowboard 138 cm, used two seasons, includes bindings. In good condition, no big scratches or gouges on the back. Only damage is the front tip - see photo. Great board for a beginner learning the ropes. Also boots that are size 7 mens Flow Rival Jr Boa Coiler. Boots were used one...
  4. BOA lacing system ? is it durable

    I'm in the market for new pair of boots for this up comming season . I'm comming from and old pair of Burton Shaun white 07 boots that stood the test of time .. now my major concern is should I go with tradional laces or BOA ? My concern with. Boa is that the knob is gonna break and my very...
  5. Ride Cadence, size 8

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    Selling a pair of used Women's Ride Cadence, size 8, double BOA. $90 + shipping OBO Note: there are jbands that may need to be removed.
  6. Boa vs Speed Laces - Which one is easier to get in/out of?

    I'm looking at switching from traditional laces to either Boa or Speed Lace boots so that 1) I can take boots on/off faster 2) I can adjust tightness without taking off of my gloves I plan on keeping my traditional lace boots in my car in case the new boots break, as every review I've watched...
  7. Ride Orion or Sash

    Hey guys, I'm putting a new setup together and recently bought these women's Ride Orion boots: On Sale Ride Orion Snowboard Boots White - Womens up to 50% off They fit pretty well and were a good deal, but since trying them on I suddenly remembered how much I hate laces. I started looking...