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    Hey people. I just joined the forum. I've been boarding on and off for a few years and I consider my skill level to be just into the intermediate level. I currently ride a 5150 Nomad 159W, a beginner board that I bought a LONG time ago... So, I recently (last weekend) just got back into...
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    Hi guys, I've been riding for about 5 years in New Zealand and have been riding a Lib Tech skate banana for 3. Have loved it and learnt basically everything i know on it but think its time to move on to a different board. I spend most of my time riding all over the mountain but in past 2 years...
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    Hey all, I need help selecting a board as I'm a newbie and don't want to mess up. I went for my first time snowboarding bout 3 years ago (sadly haven't made it back), I'm finally going back in a couple months. I picked up snowboarding super quick when i went, went on to smash blue runs on my...
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    Hey guys. Has anyone heard anything about the Endeavor Live? I originally wanted the Capita DOA, but it was sold out everywhere I looked online and in store. The worker at my local shop convinced me that the Live was a good substitute, would you agree? Thanks guys!
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    Hi guys, I'm a big guy 192cm 90kg. Need 165-166 cm Wide board. Wich one of this two board would you recomend as All.mnt. freestyle board --- buttering, little bit jibbing on the track (piste). no park. powder sometimes. Thanks for answers
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    Hey everyone :finger1: ...just messing around. :happy: I joined a while back. Don't think I ever got around to even reading much, and now I'm pestering for advice. Boarders sharing their knowledge really is greatly appreciated though! I'm an intermediate rider. I like a little bit of everything...
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    So, hi, this is my first post here:p I'd like to get some feedback as to what others think about the two boards I'm looking at. After reading through several pages I didn't see what I was looking for, exactly, forgive me if I missed it and please direct me to the proper thread, otherwise I...
1-7 of 7 Results