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  1. Snowboarding General Chat
    I have a couple boards that I love and ride them everywhere - steeps, chutes, trees and everything in between. Problem is I have accumulated tons of scratches and some deeper cuts from rocks on the base of both my "free ride" decks. One deck (Rossignol XV) has a decent amount of ptex poured in...
  2. Boards
    My son is 15 and just got a new board for Christmas, he's only had rentals up to this point and was beyond excited. I was too....I'm riding on a 15 year old board...ya know, you put the kids first....and I was so excited for him to experience what it feels like to be on a board that's not a...
  3. Boards
    Hello! I have bought a second-hand board (terrible idea as a newbie as I have reluctantly come to understand) and upon taking it to a ski service shop was told the damage is irreparable and makes the board basically worthless. I came here to get an opinion from experienced strangers. Is it a...
  4. Boards
    I'm getting into snowboarding and I bought this 2nd hand board that's really scratched up it cost 100 dollars, based on the pictures is the damage repairable?
  5. Boards
    Today after my snowboarding session I noticed this pretty deep scratch on my snowboard. I can't see the base of the board but there can be seen three white dots that may be the base. So is waxing enough? Or should I use Ptex. Thanks!
  6. Boards
    Waxed my old board for the first time... kinda left white streaks... :( did I do something wrong? why is it like this?
  7. Boards
    So I picked up on a vintage Rossignol last season and realized there’s a bunch off small pressure cracks is she still rideable? Or Is it time for an up to date board
1-7 of 7 Results