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    Hey everyone, So I new some advise in what board I should get as a beginner. I went boarding last season and fell in love with it so I want to expand my new hobby.
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    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and would really appreciate some advice on sizing for my first snowboard. I think I've narrowed my search to a Ride Wildlife 159W, or 163W. Some background, I'm a size 13 boot, 6'1 and 190lbs. I've only been boarding for around 12 days, but have taken to it pretty...
  3. Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hey guys I'm currently looking at a brand new burton custom Flying V online and it's size is 155W. I am 185cm and 90kgs or 200 pounds which ever way you look at it. I was wondering if the 155 would be too short of a board for what I need and my level of riding. I have never ridden a snow board...
1-3 of 3 Results