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    Hi, I need suggestions for my first new board. I've been snowboarding for 2 seasons, almost 40 days on the mountain. I used to ride on a kids' Burton custom board (135). I'm 5'2 (157cm) and 115 lbs, using size 5 Burton Felix boots. I'm comfortable cruising on the mountain never riding too fast...
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    Hello EVERYONE! I am 170 cm (5'7") tall and weight around 68-70 kg (150-155 lbs), but my boot size is 42.5 EU (9.5 US) which makes me question are the most boards my size (based on weight and height) too narrow for my feet? Angles I ride are 30 on my front and 15 on my back foot, regular...
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    Hi everyone! I'm starting to look into pre-ordering a new board for the upcoming winter season. For the 20/21 season I had a 154cm bataleon fun kink. I really enjoyed the board and liked how flexible it was - although I could go a little stiffer. The Fun Kink was well.. fun. It carved okay but...
1-3 of 3 Results