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  1. Boards
    Hi everyone! I'm planning to get a new board for the next season (1st purchase, only rented so far...) and found a pretty hot deal in a NITRO PRIME 2020 which apparently is great for begginers, which I am. I'm around 186cm(6'1") and 83kg(183lbs) and already have some 11US(44EU) Salomon Boots...
  2. Bindings
    Hey guys. I just bought the Lib Tech skate banana because I found it at a very good price and definitely liked the board when I tried it in the Alps this winter. Their last size was a 159cm, and I thought it would be good for me. The board has a width of 255cm and my boot size is 10.5 US, or 44...
  3. Boots
    hi Both feet at 26.7 length The width is 9.6 largest Mondo is 268 On the website I cannot see anything about putting in width? But as it stands I’m a snow boot 8.5 but have uk 10 normal, is this correct? Capita DOA at 156 width = 252 Capita DOA at 158 width = 254 Capita DOA at 157w width = 260
  4. Boards
    Hello, I have bought a new snowboard (width 25,3 cm). I have boot size 44 (US 10,5) and a binding in L. Should I rather buy a wide bord or is it still ok? The boots are looking a bit out (img.)
  5. Boards
    Hi! I started snowboarding a few years ago (meaning I went snowboarding 3 times or smtg like that), and I think it's time I get the right equipment if I really want to learn. Right now, I can't do turns or anything yet, I just go down the hill staying pretty perpendicular to the hill. So I got...
1-5 of 5 Results