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  1. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Hey y’all, my friend got her board stolen from the car, it was a Burton Feelgood Flying V, anyone has one for sale in relatively good condition? Either size 142 or 146
  2. Boards
    Hi guys This winter im planning to getting back on the board after skiing the last years. I used to snowboard for many years before from around 7yo till 22yo. i was a really good rider and often in the mountains. I still have my gear, which is quite old. i used to ride a Nitro T1 with a...
  3. Boards
    Hello, I am a beginner snowboarder and I want to get a snowboard, can I get a smaller board, because I found a 145 cm one with step in bindings, I am 76 kg (170 pounds), height 179 cm (5'10 feets)
  4. Boards
    Hi everyone, I need some advice on a snowboard i purchased im a little concerned its too long but im not sure if it will impact my learning. Im a beginner it'll be my first full season on the slopes. Mainly im going to be riding resort trails. Body: Height: 5' 10 Weight: 180-185LBS Boot Size...
  5. Boards
    Looking for a new board for the east coast all mountain leaning more on the stiffer side for hard charging must have good edge hold on ice. prefer camber or rcr not a fan of crc. size 9.5 boot 135LBS open to suggestion!
  6. Boards
    Hi guys: I want to renew my old Gnu Rider Choice from 2013 for a new "do it all" board. After I deep research I am between the Burton Custom Camber or the Jones Mountain Twin. I decide it because I am looking for something versatile / all-terrain, with a camber o camrock profile how helps me to...
  7. Boards
    Please help ID at this board :::::
  8. Boards
    Trying to find the specs/reviews of this board. Though it looks twin / all mountain to me (would you agree?) It's a Santa Cruz 138 and looks like it says kg138 on the board. However, I could not find this board's specs anywhere online. Looking to buy a used twin / all mountain board as my first...
  9. Boards
    Hi all! I am curious if anyone on the forums could help identify this board I have. It’s a plain white burton board with no markings on the top deck. It’s a cambered board and is about 151-152cm. It belonged to Jamil Khan who was a burton rider back in the late 90s. Thanks in advance for any...
  10. Boards
    Hey everyone... I did something kinda stupid and I hope it’s not gonna be a big issue bc now I’m stressed out over it lol. I picked up a Burton Process and, I’ve never owned a channel board but I’ve worked in a shop so I know how they’re mounted. Anyway, stupid me must have grabbed one screw...
  11. Boards
    hello!! i’m a very, very new snowboarder and i want to buy a used board. i’m really confused with the sizing. for reference i’m 5’3 and 110lbs. is it more important to go by height or weight when buying a board? i find that my height and weight are on opposite sizes of board charts. also... do...
  12. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Whaddup, if any of you are looking to sell a freestyle board for under 300, hit me up privately with pictures of the board. With or without bindings is fair game. Size: 156-160 Profile: Camber Width: Mid-Wide or Wide
  13. Boards
    I cant find any information ! Thank you!
  14. Snowboarding General Chat
    Hi, This will be my first year snowboarding. I have never done any winter sports before so I am excited. I have some questions regarding gear, as I am new to all of this. I am 6’1, 220, size 13 feet. I purchased the following gear so far, but i am able to exchange it if needed. I just want to...
  15. Boards
    Hi, I’m looking to get a new board and I don’t know what to get. Im 6’2” 187 lbs (185-190) and wear size boots 11 to 11.5. I’m looking to get an all mountain board that can handle the park and just riding. I ride in Wisconsin so no big mountains here. I have been looking at some boards and...
  16. Boards
    Hi everyone, I’ve been looking at the Nitro Team Gullwing board as a perfect one stick quiver. But I’m a bit stuck with the sizing... I’m 6 foot, size 10uk/11uk binding and 184cm so I don’t really fit into any of the recommended size guides. I’ve been looking at the 159 but should I be going...
  17. Boards
    I do not know how to delete this thread.
  18. Boards
    Hello! I'm so happy to find this forum, snowboarding is the shiznitz. :grin: I've had a board now for 1 season and in the end of the last season the top sheet started to crack. This autumn i started reaching out to the company to try to make a complaint, both on their webpage and sending...
  19. Boards
    Hey all! I have been snowboarding for years, but don't know much about what makes a good snowboard/bindings. Right now I am riding a Venue Hans Ahlund 155cm with some Drake 50 sport performance bindings. Any opinions on this setup? I don't have issues with it but wanna start hitting up the...
  20. Boards
    Hey everyone, Wanting help arriving on a decision to a board, have been contemplating a few different boards. Im 5'11, 190, Boot size 11 Beginner-Intermediate I'll mostly be riding groomers Burton Photons boots, and Burton Cartel bindings I have been contemplating the following boards any...
1-20 of 122 Results