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  1. Board and binding size suggestions

    Im 6' tall and 150lbs i have size 11 burton moto boots. I am looking at getting a burton ripcord and burton custom bindings. Burtons website says a 157 or 156w is the right size for me so im wondering which one would be better? And which size binding i should get since burtons charts say size 11...
  2. Looking to buy my first snowboard

    What's up, everyone. My name is Tyler and I currently am attending the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. I have been snowboarding for about 10 years now and would say I'm an intermediate to advanced rider. It's never made sense for me to buy a board because I was still growing until recently...
  3. First Board Purchase

    Hey everyone, So I new some advise in what board I should get as a beginner. I went boarding last season and fell in love with it so I want to expand my new hobby.
  4. Pics New Equipment for 2018!

    What's up?! Getting stoked on the 2018 season and I just finished setting up my new Weston Backwoods split. Here are some pictures! Post pics of your new gear/boards for this upcoming season, let us see what you are rocking and are stoked on!
  5. Need help here are options

    Kink ride 152cm w/ bindings for $160-170 Burton 160cm w/ bindings for $130 or 151cm-Burton-Cruzer-Yellow-Snowboard-GTR-53-ltr-freestyle-custom- board for $37 What should I get ? Have gone once , Starting but haven't gone this season looking to dive in more.
  6. Burton Custom vs Bataleon Boss vs Nitro T1.5??

    Im getting a new board and am wanting one the is overall great on both park and trails. I'm pretty sure I want a twin, but am unsure of which board to get. So far these three have been recommended to me, what are your thoughts on them and any other recommendations?
  7. 1710 Sims blade ATV. NEED INFO!

    I came across a 1710 sims blade ATV. Seems old. Cant find anything on it, hoping someone on here can help me out!
  8. Buying advice for all mountain/freeride

    Alright, so right now I'm riding a 2011 Attack Banana from lib tech, and I'm looking for something more aggressive for freeriding/all-mountain. Previous board was a 2008 Rossignol One Mag. I like to stay out of the park for the most part, except if I decide to do kickers which is not that often...
  9. Nitro Dilemma.

    Hey Everyone, Looking to get a new board for my setup. Im 6'4, 280lb and got a Size 15 Boot. Do I got with the 2015 Nitro Magnum (168 & 278 width) Nitro Magnum Snowboard - Wide | or The 2015 Nitro Prime Wide? (165 & 274 width) Nitro Prime Stacked Snowboard - Wide |...
  10. Sizing By Weight= Bullshit

    So I've noticed a trend on the forum about people asking what size board they should ride and everyone bases it off weight. I don't think that weight should be a big deciding factor of what size board you buy. t seems mostly about riding style and personal preference. I've seen guys that are 150...
  11. Experience on Sapient, Rossignol, and Marrow boards?

    Noob buying noob boyfriend his first board and binding as a birthday present. On a budget and noticed that Sapient, Rossignol and Marrow have fairly cheap boards. Anyone have any experience with these? Everyone starts with crap boards right? Lol
  12. Lobster Snowboards

    I have been looking at the Lobster jib and park boards. I am wondering which would be better for me and what size. I hit a lot of boxes and rails and accasionally some smaller jumps and kickers, mainly just 360s and grabs. I am 5'11- 6'0 and around 170lbs.
  13. Advice for a Beginner on the Market

    Hi, I just started snowboarding this winter. I got a complete beginner's package to a resort I live close to, from a relative for Christmas. I loved it, and have been going back once or twice a week. I've been taking the resort's lessons, and getting pretty decent. I think I'll probably finish...
  14. Arbor Coda vs. Ride Buckwild vs. Gnu Forest Space Case

    I know everyone loves tese board in the park, but I'm a pretty even split between woods and diamond groomers vs. easy trails for screwing around and park runs. Which will perform best on those diamond runs with some satisfying carving and speed? Especially helpful if you've actually ridden it...
  15. Anyone got the Salomon Rancho?

    Has anyone got the Salomon Rancho? : Snowboards - Snowboard - Salomon How does it compare to other Freeride Salomon boards like the Powder Snake Derby? Cheers
  16. Source Boards

    Anyone have anything to say about the Source Boards? I'm considering trying one out this year but don't know anyone who has ridden them. As a person that goes through 1-2 boards a season I'm sick of jacked up prices to have some guys name on my board...... I like the technology behind the...
  17. TRice Split or Arbor Split??

    Back Country Travel
    I am trying to decide between the Travis Rice Split or the Arbor Abascas Split. I know they have two diffrent profiles, and are two diffrent boards. Here are my concerns: the arbor might be too soft of a board, and the C2 on the lib will make it hard to maintain traction while skinning. I have...
  18. Custom Flying V 2012

    Hello I am looking to buy a burton custom flying v 2012 no bigger than 156 cm. I have looked high and low and found nothing but the 2013 version I would really like the 2012 partly because of the awesome graphics! If anybody could find a decent deal on a 2012 flying v or a burton custom flying v...
  19. 2013 Rome Agent Rocker 158W

    Hey, I recently bought the new Agent rocker by Rome and I am more than satisfied! A lot of people said the board was bound for greatness and I see why. I would rate this board a 4.5 out of 5. It is a great board and preforms well in anything you throw at it. The quick-rip technology in the board...
  20. Bataleon vs Lobster...etc.

    Hi everyone this is my frist post on this forum so be easy on me, thank you. But currently i am riding a few different boards. but my favorite is my Bataleon evil twin artist edition. this is my 2nd season on the board and its been through hell and back, it has yet to let me down. it feels...