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  1. Boots
    Hey guys! I’m wrecking my brain over whether or not the boots I just got fit me well. I’ve measured my feet to the T following instructions (the wall and paper method) and using WiredSports tool to figure out my size. Here are the details: Length: 281mm (R) / 280mm (L) Width: 111mm Street...
  2. Boots
    So I have a pair of dc judge boots that I just got. And measured in mondo size and bought a size 7. Put them on and my toes are at the very top of the boot, and a good bit of pressure on my toes when just standing. Took out the insole and stood on it for reference and help. So question is will...
  3. Boots
    I just got my brand new boots (vans Invado OG), and for some reason, my left ankle (not right though) hurts when I flex it like I'm doing a toe-side carve. Will the break-in, am I in the wrong size, is my foot just incompatible with this model, is my left leg just weird, is this pain normal?
  4. Boards
    Hi, I am in my 30’s, but 4’11 and 96 lbs with very small and narrow feet. I am an intermediate level snowboarder and prefer an all mountain board. I also prefer a true twin since I naturally ride both directions. I have learned on equipment that was given to me but I have had a lot of...
1-4 of 4 Results