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    Hey I'm looking to buy a new all mountain shred everything board. Not as focused on park but I still go in there. In lookin at 3 boards: the capita doa, slash brainstorm, and the Jones explorer. I'm on a budget so I will probably end up with a board from a few years ago. Something to keep in...
  2. Boards
    Going to try again. Would love to hear peoples opinion about which the two. The ATV camber is going to do great on groomers and choppy crud, but does it feel sluggish in powder? The Brainstorm, great it powder and steeps, but how does it ride on choppy crud? Trying to make the decision...
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    I would like some feedback on the big riding differences of these boards. I understand the difference in camber of these boards. I am looking if anyone has ridden them or spoken with people that have. I am a fan of traditional camber so am leaning toward the ATV, but the other two caught my...
1-3 of 3 Results