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  1. General Travel Forum
    For those of you who know Breck well, what are the actual ski-in/ski-out resorts? We've never been and some are listed as ski-in/ski-out, yet when I Google map them they don't appear to be true ski-in/ski-out. Thanks!
  2. Intermountain US
    My K2 Maysis did this today. :surprise: That's a Boa failure I haven't seen before. So I'll need a good boot rental place in Breckenridge this week where I can get something comparable. Suggestions? Thanks.
  3. Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    Hello everyone! I'm traveling to Breck with my 9 year old daughter on Friday. I'm a boarder but she skis. I's only her 2nd trip. Since I'm an intermediate boarder I'm really not comfortable riding our first day back since last year... Can anyone recommend an affordable instructor for...
  4. General Travel Forum
    Just an FYI for people on the forum here. I'm a Reservation Sales Agent based in Avon CO. If anyone is thinking of traveling here for the winter season let me know. I got the hook up on lift tickets. Epic Passes not so much. Not a lot of wiggle room with those. Also you can hit me up if...
  5. General Travel Forum
    Hi all, I'm currently looking to organise a trip to Breckenridge for next year. There's a group of around 10-12 of us (final numbers tbc) and we're planning on being there from 21st Feb for 7-10 days. We're looking at private rentals to stay in. I've seen a few on VRBO but any other...
  6. General Travel Forum
    Check out this map and directory of Colorado. You can zoom in on a ski town and find the closest recreational pot shops! Colorado Travel Guide | green tripz Travel Directory and Map If you're um, into that sort of thing :)
  7. General Travel Forum
    Im going to Breck this coming week and I realize these spots are called secret for a reason but does anyone know of the best pow lines or where some of the smoke huts are?
  8. General Travel Forum
    trying to find the perfect combination of (somewhat) affordable, good mountain and good town (for partying, etc.). would breck/vail fit the bill? park city? SLT? so many options but the one that has a nice combo and is somewhat easy to get to from NYC will win out... thanks guys.
  9. General Travel Forum
    So me and the wifey decided to go to Colorado for the new year and christmas, We are off from 24th to 2nd. I do have a brother living in Castle Rock so we'll stay with him, so accommodation check. I have been to Colorado many times but never rode there, always went during summer. hell we...
  10. Snowboarding General Chat
    Alright here's the deal. Last night two boards magically walked off from the Angry Intergalactic HQ front porch in Breckenridge. It's a semi secluded area so it's more than likely someone that was in the know about decks being there. So what does this have to do with winning a new snowboard...
  11. General Travel Forum
    I'm driving from MN down to Breck this weekend and it looks like there will be a lot of snow coming on Saturday. Do you have any tips for driving I-70 and 9 from Denver to Breck if it's all snowy? I've been driving in winter/snow conditions my whole life so I can handle that, but I've never...
  12. General Travel Forum
    I booked a flight earlier today to Denver with intentions of going to Vail (and probably Breck/Keystone) and later found out my trip is the same week Vail is hosting the Burton US Open. What I read said that the competition will be hosted in the Golden Peak area of the mountain but I'm worried...
  13. General Travel Forum
    Planning a trip to Breckenridge. Currently reserved for Jan 8-12 (3 days riding, 4 night stay) Considering moving reservation to March 27-30 (2 days riding, 3 night stay) for slightly higher cost due to current lack of snow and predicted snowfall thus far. Historically, when would be a more...
  14. Snowboarding General Chat
    Hey guys I'm in Atlanta, GA I've been out to Breck, Vail, Keystone a few times that was paid for by my family. Now I'm in college and I want to go out there with some friends I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for how to go out there affordable? I have been looking at college catered ski...
  15. Luke Mitrani Grand Prix Breck December 2007

    This is a sweet Method Air by Luke Mitrani from the rider's left lip at the Breckenridge Snowboarding Grand Prix on December 18, 2007, contested at the Peak 8 Superpipe.
  16. Breck, Peak 8 Summit, Closing Day 08

    The "Breck Wind" blows hard over Peak 8 on closing day, 4/20/08. Lots of people rode the T-Bar and/or Imperial Express up and took advantage of killer conditions, wind notwithstanding.
  17. Imperial Peak

1-17 of 18 Results