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  1. Capita BSOD setup question

    So, I will make this a short one. Well, will try to. Just picked up a used 2014 Capita black snowboard of death (full name for the search to do its magic) in good condition and at a great price. The question is whether my setup passes your judging >:) Anyway, so I currently ride a 2014 (i...
  2. WTB: Capita - Black Snowboard of Death

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    I'm really wanting to buy a Capita Black Snowboard of Death. Preferably a 156, but 159 is ok too. They changed the shape this year, so I would love to find a previous year's model. Best board I've ridden, hands down. Hope one of you or your friends have this board and are willing to part ways...
  3. UPS screwed me over, need help with new setup!

    Long story short those morons lost my massive snowboard bag with everything inside, and yes I mean everything (this was 3 days before I went to snowmass). So I'm putting together a new setup while gear is cheap. Just for some info I'm about 5'10", 175lbs, sz9. Love charging the mountain...