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  1. Boots
    Has anyone had any experience with 2015 Burton Ambush? I took them out to the slopes for the first time over the weekend and came back with two hole shapes in the side of my left boot (leading foot). The biggest hole is behind the strap so I'm not really sure how it could even get that shaped...
  2. Boots
    Hello everyone A few weeks ago I went to a board shop and tried on a heap of different boots The ones that I found fit the best where a pair of burton motos I didn't get a chance to try on the burton ambushes because I didn't know about them at the time After reading reviews about them and doing...
  3. Boots
    Boots like Burton Ambush or Nike Ites... I am looking for new boots and money is not an issue. I am an intermediate All-Mountain Rider 2013 Burton Custom Flying V with Burton Malavita Bindings. I tried on a few K2's, DG's, Burtons at a local shop and liked the feel of the Burton Ambush the...
1-3 of 3 Results