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  1. Boards
    Just cleaning out old storage unit and came across an old Burton Custom was an awesome board in its day (late 90's/early 2000's...cant remember). It's got some cool motorcycle art on it and is just classic! I'm wondering if i should get rid of it or hang onto it as a collector/hoarder...
  2. Bindings
    Which of the two bindings would go well with the Burton Process Flying V snowboard? My riding experience: I’m a beginner rider who started this season (2020) and loved the sport enough that I would like a full setup of my own rather than renting. I’ve been on the slopes about 8-10 times this...
  3. Boards
    Want to buy Burton Custom 158 or 159. Older models fine. Need early season board. PM what you got. Please include how $ much. Thanks!
  4. Boards
    Hello I'm a fairly new snowboarder, I've only been on 5 snowboarding trips so I'm still a beginner (maybe close to a intermediate on a good day :grin:). I'm currently riding on a Burton Clash 157W rocker board and I'm looking for an upgrade. I recently bought Burton Cartel EST bindings...
  5. Boards
    Hey everyone im 15 i have a passion for snowboarding this is my new board what do you think? Burton Custom Mystery 163
  6. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Selling a burton custom 154 with cartel EST bindings for $250. Great all mountain board. Really stable at high speeds, great for jumps and nice in the park too. Let me know if your interested.
  7. Boards
    Hey, I'm 5'7" 235lbs. I ride a 2006 156 Burton Custom with Rome 390 Boss. I saw alpine boarding is meant for carving and high speeds. I am interested in it and was wondering if I can do an alpine set up with the equipment I have. Also, where would I start with my binding degrees? Thank you.
  8. Bindings
    Which bindings do you guys advise a beginner-intermediate rider getting. The burton customs, or the burton missions? The board i am getting is the burton blunt if that matters. Thanks
  9. Boards
    Hey, Need some quick internet consulting...... Just bought this years custom flying v in a 160, but debating whether I should take it back for the 63. I weigh 220, weight range on the 60 is 195lbs max. On the 63 is 205lbs. Last board was last years 161 attack banana, i found it a bit stiff...
  10. Boards
    Hey, I have a 2006 Burton Custom thats a 154mm I'm 5'7" and weight about 210 pounds Is that to big for that board? The board says 120-170 pounds but does the weight really make a difference? Thanks.
  11. Boards
    Hey all I have a dilemma I'm hoping you all can help I currently have a 2007 burton custom 162 and a 2010 burton custom 158 v rocker and love my boards! I'm an intermediate boarder been snowboarding for about ten years get out about 15 days a year(I live in miami) Ilove the woods, chutes...
1-12 of 12 Results