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  1. Boots
    I just bought a new pair of Burton IONs 2020 model. Tried them on at the local shop and they felt good. My big toe was barely touching the end of the boot. Got home and tried them on again couple times and noticed that they rub against my outer ankle bone (lateral malleolus) on both feet. It...
  2. Boots
    Hi everyone The gear I have: - capita kazu kokubo pro 2018, 154 - Burton Genesis 2018 medium I am a guy who loves going of the groom and between the trees and in powder. That's why I am looking for a maximum respons to be able to do quick and fast turns. I hate going into the park so I am not...
  3. Boots
    Hey everyone, im buying a new pair of boots this season and would like some opinions. im considering the Ion or the Imperial. Ive had Ions before but i really heard great things about the Imperials, including a lot of the Burton Pros are wearing it. I tried them both and the Imperials fit...
1-3 of 3 Results