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    My girlfriend was given a burton big gulp board and the customer wants a biggie painting on the top. Any suggestions on how she can get it done? She’s an artist who uses oil paint on canvas so this is out of her comfort zone. Thank you for any advice !
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    Hi guys: I want to renew my old Gnu Rider Choice from 2013 for a new "do it all" board. After I deep research I am between the Burton Custom Camber or the Jones Mountain Twin. I decide it because I am looking for something versatile / all-terrain, with a camber o camrock profile how helps me to...
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    $900 shipped OBO 2008/2009 Burton Love, minimal binding rash, recently waxed, always treated with love and care. Burton before the Bible beaters.
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    Hey yall, I am looking to get into a short pow board but am stuck in the est bindings for a few more seasons. Looking at something that will be nimble in tight trees and floaty in the pow, these two are the closest to that which I could find. I am looking at either the 152 PW or the 154 Show...
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    Hi guys, I might be able to get my hands on a Burton Love from 2010 in a 157. Now i know that some of the Burton Love Boards are worth quite a bit, does anybody know if this one in particular holds any value?
  6. Boots
    Hey guys, Since I could not find much information pitting these boots against each other, I decided to do a topic myself. First of all, let's set the scene: Been riding for a long time between 2 and 3 weeks per year. Took a break from 22 to 26-ish because I lived pretty far from the snow at that...
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    Board is MINT! 10/10 $400 Reasonable offers considered. Burton Ion Boa’s men’s Sz 8 are close to perfect. 9.5/10. Some light smudges from straps. Used 5x lightly $350 Reasonable offers considered Prices do NOT included shipping. Pics were taken yesterday
  9. Bindings
    Where I can find those Burton Scribe bindings? The model is a little old, so it's really hard to find them. But I hope any of you would have an idea :)
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    Board only. $400 cad 150 cm Burton Custom Camber Used a few hours only. Located in Vancouver.
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    A buddy of mine gave me an old 2010 Joystick and of course upon going to put my Mission Re:Flex's on it, that the m5 channel inserts weren't in the board... unfortunately my buddy doesn't have the inserts/hardware. Went to Burton in NYC and they gave me m6's but obviously too wide. I've gone to...
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    I am an intermediate rider. I've been riding an old school 2007 burton GTwin and LOVE IT! I do notice it doesn't handle that well in the super choppy snow. I tried the burton flying v and it literally bucked me like a horse haha! Should I just continue to stick with a camber? There are just so...
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    Limited edition 2021 burton snowboards x Metalica snowboard size 154cm (unopened) This board is a beautiful piece of art that can be hung up on the wall to be shown off and also be a head turning people will definitely be looking at on the slopes. Starting at $2000 OBO email...
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    Looking to buy used bindings. Preferably Burton Mission flex or Arbor hemlocks. Size would be Medium (boot size 10) or M/L in case of Arbor. Located in NJ. Thanks!
  15. Boards
    Hi Everyone, This is my first season snowboarding and I feel that I’ve progressed pretty quickly. I’m starting to feel like I’ve outgrown (skill wise) my current board, which is the Arbor Foundation (Rocker). I’m looking at getting either the Button Custom (camber) or the Arbor Element...
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    Hello everyone, I've been lurking around the forums for a while trying to get info on a new board. I have been riding a Neversummer Primer T5 from 08 since I started riding and feel like it's time to get a new board. I try to ride the whole mountain equally and want to grow in each category. I...
  17. Boots
    Hi everyone. First time posting. I started snowboarding this season and this forum has been my Bible. I'm going every other day, and learning relatively quickly so I wanted to get my own gear. I got a Head Pearl 147 board, and absolutely love it so far. I also got second hand K2 Cinch Tryst...
  18. Boots
    Hi, I am thinking about getting the Burton Step Ons - but I've have had some trouble with sizing. It seems like only the Photons has a wide version for the step-ons, but supposedly photons are very aggressive in terms of stiffness (Burton Photon vs Ion). As for my current boots Salamon Dialogue...
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    I just picked up a Burton Superhero and I absolutely love it, so i was wondering why raduction was only a thing for a few years. My buddy told me his favorite board for woods riding in vermont was a 2013 burton superhero so when i saw one i had to get it, and now i see why he loves it. I know...
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    2021 Skeleton Key 158 with 2021 Cartel X bindings and Photon boots. Riding Copper today with it and it's a blast in the fresh pow! Really enjoying the ride.
1-20 of 402 Results