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  1. Boards
    I'd like to sell it but not sure of the manufacturer, model, year, etc.
  2. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Board has been ridden only a few times and has minor scuffs on base and binding rash on top sheet. A couple of visible scuffs on top sheet near tail, naturally because skiers are ignorant of personal space in the lift line. $400 plus shipping continental USA.
    $400 USD
  3. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Any interest in trading my medium brackish malavita reflex’s for a pair of malavita est set up? Lightly used 2021/2022 model
  4. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Burton Ion Boa boots 2022 model size 43 I've used these boots for one day only and with my own insoles, so aside from a few superficial marks they are more or less like new. They are not a good fit for me hence the sale. They cost €480 new so grab a bargain!
    €250 EUR
  5. Bindings
    I an a new snowboarder who picked it up really fast mt first time out. I bought a season pass for next season and am trying to get equipped with all the right gear. I would say I would fall under an avanced beginner, or under a new intermediate rider. I am 6'3" tall and weigh roughly around 155...
  6. Boards
    I am looking to get a Custom X for the days, when I want to get some real carves in. I love carving and bombing, hence why the Custom X caught my attention. It wont be my only board - i will have a board that's more flexy and forgiving for the hotter days and park riding etc. Now my biggest...
  7. Bindings
    Hello, I'd like to buy new binding for my Lib Tech Orca. Right now I have Bent Metal Transfer on it and I don't like it. It's not well responsive and I don't like board feel on it. I mounted my friends Cartel and it was way better, I think Cartel X will be even better (stiffer more responsive)...
  8. Snowboarding General Chat
    Since a lot of people were talking about this in the custom/custom x thread, figured I'd start one here. This isn't just a Burton thread, this is to talk about all aspects of snowboarding consumer culture and the state of the sport as a whole. I'll start by saying I think all board sports are...
  9. Boards
    Hi fellas 👋 I am in dire need of advice! Trying to choose my next snowboard has proven to not be an easy task. I have read through a ton of reviews, guides and posts, but I am still in doubt. This is probably due to my lack of knowledge in the area, so now I am reaching out for help. My...
  10. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    In gently used/New condition please. Shipping to MN.
  11. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Step on boots in a size 8.5. These are great boots. I've used them less than 5 times. They are good boots, I just don't happen to have burton feet. I end up loosening and tightening after every run which pretty much defeats the purpose of having the convenience to step and go. Stock photos...
    $200 USD
  12. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Brand new, still have tags with descriptors on the back. Thought I would get smart and try em with my 8.5's (only a half size different).....but that didn't work, they have different spacing. So these are unused. Save yourself $100 and grab these. These are stock photos obv, but can grab...
    $200 USD
  13. Boards
    So, I want to at last get a new board and I found a Burton 148l for sale, specs check out the board seems to be in great condition, the question is if it's worth for me, I've been riding for 10 years essentially and the l means LTR, I can ride but I sure can get much better, so, should I buy it...
  14. Welcome New Riders And New Members
    After going through the posts / reviews / comments on snowboarding forum for a year, I finally decided to join the community. Thanks to all the members of the community for making this place so candid. Idk if this is true for you or not but every time something even closely related to...
  15. Boots
    Hi everyone, I recently got the Burton step on bindings and boots. I have used them twice on the slopes. Even though I love the ease of use and the quick response I get with those bindings, the hotspots get very gnarly very quickly. I feel that the pinky toe of my front foot (left foot -...
  16. Boards
    Deep Thinker vs Flight Attendant The only difference I see is that: DT: 45° Carbon Highlights Fiberglass build optimizes each layer of the fiberglass matrix and adds a full tip-to-tail carbon layer to reduce weight and fine-tune torsional feel FA: Triax Fiberglass with Carbon I-Beam provides...
  17. Bindings
    Today I bought a real nice, used Burton Cruzer and I needed bindings for it. The ones they had at the shop I was in sold 540 bindings and I figured they were compatible but I was very wrong. The bindings use a 2x4 but the board has Burton's 3D . My question is, is there a way to buy discs to fit...
  18. Boards
    Please help me find this snowboard. It will be a gift for my husband. He had this snowboard when he was a teen and it got stolen. Hes been looking for it and I think it would be the perfect surprise. Thing is i dont even know what year or model it is to even begin searching for it. All your...
  19. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Hey y’all, my friend got her board stolen from the car, it was a Burton Feelgood Flying V, anyone has one for sale in relatively good condition? Either size 142 or 146
1-20 of 436 Results