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  1. Buttering

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    I've really wanted to try my hand at buttering, and it hasn't been going too well. Lately I've gone to my crappy local resort and worked on tail presses, ollying off of tail presses, and 180s, and they've gotten pretty solid. The problem comes when I try to combine them. So what I mean is...
  2. nose roll vs butter is there a difference?

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    Can some-one please help me with a definition. Is there a difference between a nose roll (or tail roll) and a butter? Doing my APSI L3 soon and freaking out about the freestyle component. my BF says that a nose roll starts with a centred stance, and then rolls around an edge of the nose with...
  3. Is it me or the board?

    Snowboarding General Chat
    I've had no trouble carving and stuff, I actually really liked it for hard shredding. But now that I'm trying out butters and stuff, I've had some trouble getting air off of ollies (or might just be doing them incorrectly) and getting my weight over my tail and stuff. I can tail press fine, just...
  4. K2 happy hour for buttering?

    Hey guys, I'm super interested in the K2 Happy Hour, but I am really conflicted. I REALLY want to learn how to butter, ever since I started boarding years back I wanted to learn after seeing two kids spinning like helicopters down the mountain. I ride a HUGE K2 anagram, 163, waaaay too large for...