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buying snowboard

  1. Need advice please help! 156w or 158 Yes Typo?

    Hey guys, I am buying a Yes Typo snowboard. Should I be getting a 156w or 158? I live where there are just small hills so I will be riding mainly park just for something to do but I go to the mountains for a week every year and want a board good in powder and on blacks as well. I'm at a...
  2. Buying my second board

    Hey everyone, :) I need help in finding a board to purchase for the upcoming season. Im 17 years old 5'9 and 190. Last year was my first real year on the mountain and I had a Burton Jeremy Jones Nick Stix Custom. It was a fun beginner board. I clocked 22 days on the slopes last year and would...
  3. Thinking of buying a Snowboard? Check out our blog post first for FREE tips on what t

    Thinking of buying a snowboard. Then check out our blog post we made on what to look for and what to watch out for. Happy Shreddin guys.
  4. need help ! looking for piste/ powder light board

    hi guys, i've been riding for a while now and always used to rent since i was too young to buy shit. now that i'm 22 i need to get my own board. i'm also going to buy boots and binding but dont think i need help with that. it's mostly the board. i often go boarding with skiers and it's almost...
  5. Need help choosing a freestyle/all mountain board for hard pack

    First post in the forum so here goes. So I told myself I wasnt going to get a new board this year but mine is beat to crap and I just came into some money... new board time! I'm mostly an all mountain kind of rider, I want to be able to bomb hard pack runs, stay nimble in glades, and hit some...
  6. Snowboard to buy for CASI Level 2

    Hiiiiiiiii So, I just broke my second YES Basic 156 (the latter a warranty one), and am fed up with them. So, I ask, what should my next snowboard be? I have two weeks before I take my Level 2 exam, and would like a snowboard that would enable me to complete this. I really liked my Basic...
  7. Looking to buy 145 board

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    Hey, I'm a new boarder and loving it. I bought a board but it's slightly too long and it's actually a woman's board (i'm not a woman) but I don't know if that makes that much of a difference. Just don't want to get laughed off the slopes.....any advice? Anyone know someone selling a 145 board...
  8. Beginner Rider Used Board Questions

    I am a beginner rider. i took a lesson last season and went a couple times. I go to school in Colorado and got a pass for Keystone and A-Base. i have been looking at used boards on ebay to get myself for christmas and i am having trouble figuring out what the best board would be for me. ones...
  9. Nitro Team Gullwing vs Nitro Rook

    Hello everyone. I have been snowboarding for 5 years. I have always had camber deck. For this season I want to try something different. I have option to buy (very cheap) brand new (mint state) Team Gullwing and Rook. Both are 2011/2012 model (that is why they are cheap). This year I want to...
  10. Suggestions for snowboard site

    Snowboarding General Chat
    Hey everyone, I have been snowboarding for about 10 years now. Not as much since adult life has taken over haha but still get to enjoy a few times a year. Anyways I am a web developer so I decided to put by professional skills to work with my love for snowboarding and make a site dedicated to...