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  1. Snowboard for intermediate

    Hi :) I have been snowboarding since 2017 on Burton Socialite. It's a rocker, so it's hard for me to learn carving. That's why I am thinking of changing the board into camber. I want one on which you can learn carving and practice switch too, Preferable base is sintered. Which specific models...
  2. Is this too much change?

    Hey! I started riding last season and got about 20 days in. I picked it up pretty quick, and while the resorts in my area have pretty short runs, I’m confident riding their double blacks. I ride a 158 Park Platinum 2020 from Signal. Boot size 10.5 Large bindings, I’m 5’9” 200lb. I’m enjoying...
  3. Camber or Flying V?? Help!

    My first snowboard that I’m currently riding is a Burton clash snowboard. It’s a V rocker with a soft flex and says its recommended to beginning/intermediate riders. I’ve been riding it for about 3 years now and I’m looking to get a new women’s board. I don’t use my board at the park or do...
  4. Quiver Expansion Questions

    Hi all! Thinking about adding a new board to the quiver and not much opportunity to demo stuff so have to mostly rely on research and suggestions. I've been splitting time between a Hovercraft for powder and a Lib Tech TRS for everything else for some time now. Feeling like I've hit my limit...
  5. My board has lost its camber whilst in storage

    I stored my board in a snowboard bag flat on the ground, with two other boards and a few other things on top of it, for around 9 months. And now that I've gotten it back out again for this season it's completely changed shape. Not just a little bit either, its gone from a camber to a very...
  6. Burton Flying V or Flat Top

    Hi Guys! I need some advice... I think I want to buy a Burton Yeasayer 2019 board - however I can't decide between Flying V and Flat Top. I have been snowboarding for years but Im a chilled out rider and I find my new Salomon assassin too aggressive, I want an easy fun ride but one that is...
  7. Directional Aggressive all-mt/Freeride boards

    Currently have a 163 custom flying v and a 162 rome blur. I absolutely love my blur for carving groomers and just charging the mountain in general, but doesn't seem to float as easily in good amounts of powder even though its a "fusion camber" (seems just about traditional camber too me). So I...
  8. Help with Snowboard-Design specifics please!

    Hey, I've been planning my first snowboard for a month already and I'm kinda stuck on a few questions. It would be really awesome if i could get your advice .. even if only for one of the questions - 1. planning the profile: What is the height range (or the radius range) typically used for...
  9. Dc Ply 13/14 Review :)

    Open review discussion
    Snowboard: Dc Ply 153 Flex: 6 Profile: Mellow Camber end of insert to insert with flat from outside of insert to tip. Boots: dc ceptors 2014 bindings: switchback bindings (p.s, dont buy shit bindings) upgraded to union contact 2015/16 height:5'8 weight:135 Pounds Experience:4 years Pros:Overall...
  10. FS 2010/11 Burton Process

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Link to board and specs.. It's the White/Green/Black color combo 162. I've rode it for four seasons and have absolutely loved it but want to try something new. Unfortunately I need any money I can get so its time to part ways with this guy. Solid traditional camber board with some playful...
  11. what bindings go with the artifact?

    i got a rome artifact 2015 (camber) and im curious what to set up with it. for bindings im looking at the union contact pros or the rome boss 390's. and for boots i have no clue. should i get a softer boot or a more harder/solid boot? (i hit medium sized jumps and jib frequently) :jumping1:
  12. Rocker/Camber/Rocker new board

    Hey guys! I'm looking for an affordable CRC board. I've been looking at the Rome Agent Rocker 2013 157 but unfortunately I can't find it anywhere in Europe (I live in Greece). Any other similar suggestions? Should I consider getting a camrock as an alternative? What are the pros and cons? Cheers!
  13. First board, jumping jibbing and butter

    Weight 175 lbs Boot size 10.5 Age 18 No budget although id like to keep it low as this is my first board East coast (NJ/PA) I spent 80% of my time in the park doing mostly jumps, boxes and rails, have been getting really good at landing 3's and grabs, and for the other 20% I spend learning...
  14. Any opinion- Capita NAS vs Burton Custom X?

    After riding a flat to rocker board last season I now know I am a camber man. I have narrowed it down to these two boards- they both are traditional camber and I have seen online videos of riders doing anything I would ever want to do including banked slalom, kickers and half pipe. It looks like...
  15. Flying V or Not?

    Heya, I've been looking for a good all mountain board that I can shred pow with and then hit a few boxes and rails. Im still learning jibbing tricks so basically I'm looking for a board that would help me learn. Anyway so I've come to the conclusion that I wanna get a Burton Process 159. I...
  16. Rocker Differences

    I am looking at buying a new board and deciding between two the Flow Merc and Rossignol Templar Magtek. The Flow has a camber/rocker/camber shape. The Rossignol has the reverse order, a rocker/camber/rocker shape. Is there a major difference between two in terms of the ordering of the...
  17. C3BTX? Traditional? C2?

    Hey everyone I am new to this forum. I have been riding for 3 years and am currently on 2010 K2 park star (gift), flow nx2-at bindings, 2010 burton driver x boots. I am looking at getting a new board and was originally interested in the 2013 billy goat with c2btx. How ever the 2014 has a C3 I...
  18. Love my Capita Sierrascope, but... time for a new stick?

    ...getting the flow shifty.
  19. Best (wide) Freestyle Park Board!?

    Hey guys. Next season, I am looking for a Freestyle ONLY board. I currently ride a Burton Hero 151w. I don't particularly like this board. I am looking for a board that is good for jibbing, freestyle, and good pop. I want something lighter and snappier. I don't really go huge on jumps, topping...
  20. Looking for good Hybrid or Camber, All-Mountain, Standard board

    Hey guys and gals, I was looking to see if anyone knew of a Hybrid or Camber All-mountain Medium to medium stiff flex board that is relatively cheap and a good bang for my buck. I need a standard (not wide) board between 150-165 cm. If anyone has any ideas, that would be great to hear from...