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  1. NEED RECOMMENDATIONS! Planning the 'Perfect Winter'.

    General Travel Forum
    Hi guys, I'm planning the 'Perfect Winter'. 3 Months of travel and snowboarding... I'd like to hit up Japan, Europe AND USA/Canada... Obviously there are hundreds of resorts within these areas... but in order to maximise the best POW I need your help in recommending what resort at what time...
  2. Snowboard Addiction is going to be on television

    Snowboarding General Chat
    We are going to be on Dragon's Den! Put the episode date in your diary, spray paint it on your mum's car or even tattoo the date on your girlfriend's lower back...Do whatever it takes. The date is Wednesday, January 27th 2016 at 5:00PM Vancouver Time [PST] (8:00PM Toronto Time [EST]) on CBC...
  3. Mont Tremblant Accomodations

    Resort Trip Reports
    Hey all, I am currently planning a trip to Mont Tremblant from Ohio. I have wanted to take the trip to Canada for a while and this is about as reasonable of a drive for me as any. I have been looking through their site and have not really had any places to stay really jump out at me. anyone...
  4. Snowboarding trip in Canada (Survey)

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    I'm planning a Snowboarding trip to Canada and would like to ask a few questions. :) please reply if you can answer all survey questions Survey When did you go to Canada? What airline did you fly with? How long did you stay? Which part of Canada did you snowboard in? What sort of...
  5. Mont Tremblant? In April?! What do you think...

    General Travel Forum
    will it be any good? big party town right? any idea on best hotel to stay at? most are in the $150/night range - not bad!
  6. Considering heading to Whistler over Easter Weekend...bad idea?

    Western Canada
    how is it out there? i am a first timer, used to riding NA east coast ice. also, best/cheapest way to stay? how far from airport are the mountains? thanks!
  7. TELUS Park Snowboard Edit in BC, Canada

    Snowboarding General Chat
    CLICK-HERE-TO-WATCH: :happy: Check out this new snowboarding edit that was filmed at Big White Ski Resort in British Columbia, Canada. Clips recorded using a Canon EOS 70D + GoPro Hero 4. Please remember to SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed and leave a comment...
  8. All the boards in this video are Camber

    Sorry for the spam guys.. was just trying to get our youtube channel out there. Never posted on a forum before so we didn't really know what type of feedback we were going to get. Sorry to upset the majority of you who did not enjoy the song.
  9. Big White TELUS Park Snowboard Edit Canada

    Photography, Video, and Other Media
    CLICK-HERE-TO-WATCH: :happy: Check out this new snowboarding edit that was filmed at Big White Ski Resort in British Columbia, Canada. Clips recorded using a Canon EOS 70D + GoPro Hero 4. Please remember to SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed and leave a comment...
  10. Accomodation for 3 Whistler BC 2014/2015 Season

    Western Canada
    Hey guys My brother, myself and a mate (all will be 20) are looking to grab a place in Whistler from late Dec (27th) to late Feb (20). I don't even really know where to start looking, had a quick glance at airbnb and didn't see anything to appealing. Was hoping for some tips from you guys...
  11. Resort Recommendation Required...

    General Travel Forum
    I have a few friends in New York who want to start boarding next year. Usually I go to European resorts (I live in UK) with a group of friends, but as my NY buddies want to get involved, we are looking to make next year's trip a USA/Canada one. I would like recommendations for a resort that fits...
  12. [$$$] Canadian Ski/Snowboard footage for cash

    Photography, Video, and Other Media
    We're looking for your GoPro and other footage from the ski hills! The SNOWSMART campaign is accepting video submissions from Canadians of all ages (those under 18 will require a consent form available on our website). Parachute, Canada’s largest injury prevention organization, is hosting a...
  13. Roger Pass

    Resort Trip Reports
    Hello friends i'm from italy and i'm going to Roger Pass (Canada) for 10 days.. do you know some great spot? and How much snow is there right now??? thanks :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: Matteo
  14. Ruroc Signature helmet review

    General Equipment Reviews.
    I'm not a great snowboarder but I decided recently it was time to dump the beanie hat and get some head protection. I saw another person sporting a Ruroc helmet and I knew that this was the helmet I wanted. The helmet itself is light but comfortable. Sizes seem to fit smaller than expected...
  15. Canada or Japan????

    General Travel Forum
    Hello everybody i'm new in this forum, i have one question for year me and my friend's we want go or in Canada or in Japan... which one is the best for find a really good powder? I know in japan they dont have really steel mountain, but i know they have so much snow. Thanks...
  16. my story

    i'm conner born January 14 1994 always loved winter and everything that comes with it. I grew up in the great canadian flatland of manitoba. so as you could imagine snowboarding isn't the biggest thing here. but when i was in grade seven i asked for a board for christmas and got one and just...