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  1. Boards
    I used the Craft to learn the basics and it was a great beginner board but now I’m looking between the Assassin and Capita OSL for my next board. I do want a forgiving ride but more stable than the craft. I stick to mostly groomers, side hits and small jumps. Low intermediate with Malavita...
  2. Boards
    Which out of these two would more a Forgiving, especially on flat,narrow cat tracks) I like to take tight turns, small jumps/side hits and prefer a slightly softer board but still be stable at medium speeds I am 6’2 180lbs size 13ft looking at the 156w and 157w. Looking at the Solomon Sight as...
  3. Boards
    Hey guys, new here. I would really appreciate some help. I just bought my first board and it turns out i might not be able to return it and classically ordered the wrong size, didnt see the W on the end which i now understand means wide (palm in face). But im wondering if its actually a bad...
1-3 of 3 Results