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  1. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Looking for a 2017-2021 Capita Mercury, 2019 is preferred.
  2. Boards
    Hello everyone, I've been lurking around the forums for a while trying to get info on a new board. I have been riding a Neversummer Primer T5 from 08 since I started riding and feel like it's time to get a new board. I try to ride the whole mountain equally and want to grow in each category. I...
  3. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    2020 Capita Black Snowboard of Death 159cm, used once. Retails at $630.00. The freeride all-mountain board is very stable and has very little chatter underfoot even through the most variable conditions. it's very fast and carving is smooth and powerful. I'm selling because it's slightly too big...
  4. Bindings
    What’s up y’all, I just got my 2020 143 slush slasher and was wondering what are the best surfy bindings but also stiff enough to hit jumps rails and everything park? I’m looking to go for the $150-160 price range... if that’s possible.....are the 2020 nitro team Bindings a good fit fore this...
  5. Boards
    I bought a 151 slush slasher for myself because I wanted more of a powder board (longer board) but still wanted to be able to jib a little bit. Is this going to be more trouble than good because of the size or is it not a problem? I’ve been second guessing it because I feel like my size 155 5,10...
  6. Boards
    I bought a 151 Capita slush slasher and didn’t know it was supposed to be a shorter board. I’m 5,10 155 and wanted a longer board for pow so I think that’s what I thought this was for, but also wanted to jib on it. My question is, should I wait on this board and sell it or just rip it this...
  7. Boards
    Well as the title says I’m trying to get input from anyone who may have experience with both of these boards. Or anyone who has experience with one or the other. The CAPiTA Supernova and the Jones Frontier. I ride on the east coast and I like to carve and freeride. I’m becoming a solid...
  8. Boards
    Does anyone have one of these boards they’d like to sell? Been looking all over and I can’t find one anywhere. Bonus points if it’s a 160cm
  9. Boards
    Anyone ridden both the Capita Slush Slasher and the Bataleon Party Wave? Any opinions are much appreciated. Want to purchase one, but I am torn which one to get. Mainly ride Stevens Pass in the PNW (All conditions, expert rider).
  10. Boards
    Been going round in circles trying to choose a good all round board for trip to Japan and then to use on trips to NZ as well. I'm pretty solid and weigh in at around 105kg (230lb) but am only 174cm high with size US 9.5 boot size. I have ridden a few seasons and probably had around 20 days...
  11. Boards
    Just found a steal of a Capita Mercury 159. My question is if the board will be too small for my size. I’m 6’4 and 195-200 lbs with a size 11.5 boot. Looks like the waist width of the board is 259. Will this be pushing it or should I be fine? Thanks!!
  12. Boards
    Anyone have some input on the Capita Super Doa? Its not a full camber board, its not on the stiffer flex, it is hella expensive for a noodle, simply put is it worth it????? Can it handle true all-mountain and big air jumps??
  13. Boards
    does anyone know what the 2020 Capita DOA is going to retail for in north america??
  14. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Up for sale: Men's Rossignol Jibsaw - Asking Price $210 shipped. Size- 155cm Condition- Great overall condition. Some scratches on top sheet from where the binding was sitting and minor scratches on base from normal riding. Never used in the park. Used one weekend only! No bindings!
  15. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Up for Sale: Union force men's medium distressed red snowboard bindings. Great condition, Used a handful of times this season. Has minor scratches/paint chips on heel cup and latch areas(see pictures) Price - $155 shipped.
  16. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Looking to buy 2017/2018 Capita Spring Break Twin in size 152 or 154. Will pay good price if in good condition.
  17. Boards
    Hey everyone, Wanting help arriving on a decision to a board, have been contemplating a few different boards. Im 5'11, 190, Boot size 11 Beginner-Intermediate I'll mostly be riding groomers Burton Photons boots, and Burton Cartel bindings I have been contemplating the following boards any...
  18. Boards
    I'm a relative new comer to the sport, but super excited, have a trip planned for Jan and looking to plan another for Feb. -Rented the last couple years so looking to make the leap and purchase my first board this year....SO EXCITED -Just picked up a set of Burton Photons boots and Burton...
  19. Boards
    I'm getting back into riding after being inconsistent since going to college and want to get a whole new setup for 2019. I've always enjoyed riding fast on groomers and through trees but really want to make a point add some style to my riding and put in some hours to progress in the park. I've...
  20. Boards
    Hey everybody, I’m searching for an excellent beginner board which is very forgiving and easy to turn. I also appreciate a good gripping edge hold. I fell in love with the capita space metal fantasy. I could imagine the combination of flat and rocker could be well suited for a beginner. Do you...
1-20 of 73 Results