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  1. Japan pow board

    Hey guys, I am looking for a new pow board to add to my quiver, for my next Japan trip. The only two things I really want it to do is pow and carve, so I have been looking at boards like the -Spring Break Slush Slasher -Telos Backslash -Endeavour Archetype (160w) -Bataleon Surfer I am 6"2 and...
  2. Directional Aggressive all-mt/Freeride boards

    Currently have a 163 custom flying v and a 162 rome blur. I absolutely love my blur for carving groomers and just charging the mountain in general, but doesn't seem to float as easily in good amounts of powder even though its a "fusion camber" (seems just about traditional camber too me). So I...
  3. 2016/2017 Rossignol XV 159 Like NEW

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    Hi, I bought a Rossignol XV 159 in April 2017 to take with me on a trip to Whistler. I was looking for something a bit less stiff than my Flagship. The board absolutely crushed it and charges hard. Floated in powder and carved better than my Flagship. However, it was still a bit too stiff. I...
  4. Been snowboarding inconsistently for ~10 years. Critique this video of me riding

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    east coaster. until recently the most i ever really went was 2-3x/year. now i am upping that to at least 5+ (hopefully 10+). anyway, come take a look at my video. i know it isn't the best angle but please give me some advice/insight. i know what i am doing wrong. i am leaning too far back...
  5. Newbie not sure how to

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    So I am a newbie boarder, started near the end of the season. Been skiing for 12 1/2 years, but wanted to try snowboarding out for fun and absolutely loved it. Went out twice with a friend who is licensed to teach and just did some greens and easy blues (small mountain) using toe side and heel...
  6. Heelside chatter

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    So I've been boarding for a moderate amount of time and I think I am alright at it (carving, jibbing, butters, jumps) but when I either stop or slow down drastically by turning heelside, I get kinda chattery. Although most of the times it is only uncomfortable, I sometimes fall and always it...
  7. Most Aggressive Union Binding?

    Looking for a super aggressive binding for my all mountain/carving board. Preferably from Union but open to other brands too. Any good suggestions?
  8. Can you give me input on my riding? (video)

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    Hey guys, this is my second season boarding and I would like to get some input on my riding. Here is a quick video (camera died after this, my form isn't great and neither is the footage). Anything you can recommend? I'm having issues keeping a strong heel side edge when I try carving (I think...
  9. BOARD COMPARISON: K2 Fastplant or DC PBJ?

    This would be my second board, I would like to go off jumps, rails, jib, carve etc AND ride down the mountain smoothly at decent speeds. Which board is a better all around board for that? I am 5'10 and weigh 167. I am deciding between the 2010-2011 k2fastplant and the dc pbj..i would need a wide...