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carving speed

  1. Quiver Expansion Questions

    Hi all! Thinking about adding a new board to the quiver and not much opportunity to demo stuff so have to mostly rely on research and suggestions. I've been splitting time between a Hovercraft for powder and a Lib Tech TRS for everything else for some time now. Feeling like I've hit my limit...
  2. Need advice for buying a new board!

    Hello fellow boarders Im new to this forum and this is my first post. I have been boarding for around 3 years and now feel that im ready to buy a new and better board to further develop my skills on the mountain. Currently i ride a Salomon Lotus-which has served me well-but im now looking for...
  3. fat fast bords for a polar bear

    Im need your advice to help me find the right board for me if you have time. I have been resurge a lot for a 2 weeks now and cant decide. Data: Im 34 years old, weight 110 kg/ca 240 lbs, boot 13 us, 182 cm tall. Typical Swedish Viking ;) Im a strong rider have bin riding for 20 years and...