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  1. Help With Turning!

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    So my goal for the coming season is to start carving. I tried towards the end of last season, but then realized I needed more time. For now, my new goal is to learn a better way of turning than I already do. I was thinking about learning those skidding turns or sliding turns (i think they are...
  2. Please some help deciding my new board

    Hi there, I have been reading tons, here at this forum and elsewhere in different shops and forums. I am considering a few snowboards and I would like to make the right choice. My profile is: I like speed, therefore I reckon I need a stable and somewhat medium/rigid snowboard. I don't touch...

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    Hey everyone! I have been snowboarding for about 5 years now and its not been til this season where i asked a friend to film how i ride and I realized thats I dont bend my knees on my heel carves / sprays. Back straight but legs not bent. My toe carves is textbook but i have a bad habit thats...
  4. Help finding the perfect board

    I have a Burton Process Flying V, it’s good but after trying my friends board which is a zero camber I have liked it. It felt more aggressive than my board. My first question is which is better for park, and riding on the mountain like carving, butters and finding the little jumps on the side of...
  5. Need help picking a new board

    Hi guys, I am new around here and I need some help. Recently, I have decided to buy a new snowboard. I have been riding for a couple of years(been into skiing before) and I have decided to buy new bindings and a new board. I had a Trans snowboard(Camber) before(not very popular). I would say...
  6. easy carving board for ice and powder

    Hi guys, would love a specific recommendation please. I get confused with so much info/tech out there I currently own a salomon fastback 167 (i think it was the precursor to the Burner). I've been riding for about 12 years and am pretty comfortable on all of the mountain. However, these days...
  7. Question: Carving gear for new carver.

    So I have been snowboarding for quite a few years now, and I consider myself an intermediate snowboarder. Recently, I'm considering getting into g-force hardboot carving. However, I'm quite oblivious gear wise. Which snowboard and binding setup should I go for? I weight roughly 150-160lb and is...
  8. Help All-Mountain board with great *Carving* performance

    Hi everyone, hoping to kinda introduce myself and get some input :) My Profile: 175-180lbs, 6'4", size 12 boot, 42 years old, somewhat athletic. Intermediate rider (this is my 2nd season, I feel like I've progressed reasonably well though could definitely refine my technique through lessons)...
  9. 5 year old seems stuck

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    Hi, I need some advice on teaching my son. Last year was his first season at age 4. He had instruction on a regular basis. This year we are at a pretty sad location with little in the way of instruction. He started the year zipping down the hill like a scud missile and squatting very low, then...
  10. DeeLuxe Racing Carving HardBoot Boots Size 12 30M

    Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    With Intec Heels.. All in great shape. for Alpine Snowboarding, Carving Racing Snowboarding. Usually used with TD type Bindings, Trench Digger type from Bomber or Cateks. $170 plus shipping from 98006. USA only please
  11. How to get Pros to Sign Your Board!!!!!!

    Hey Guys I recently bought a Kessler Cross 153 (2017 black version) for BX racing and I am meeting with some pros over the weekend what sort of pen should I use to achieve the best signature??? sharpie, paint pens or SRX pens etc. ????? and also what colour. The deck of a Kessler is also...
  12. Need advice for buying a new board!

    Hello fellow boarders Im new to this forum and this is my first post. I have been boarding for around 3 years and now feel that im ready to buy a new and better board to further develop my skills on the mountain. Currently i ride a Salomon Lotus-which has served me well-but im now looking for...
  13. union Force vs Ride Rodeo vs OTHERS

    im getting a new lib tech hot knife in a few days and need some bindings too. im looking for something that will let me carve it out around the resort, and then go and hit a few jumps and boxes. im an advanced rider(carving, and riding around resorts) but a complete beginner to park(im planning...
  14. Been snowboarding inconsistently for ~10 years. Critique this video of me riding

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    east coaster. until recently the most i ever really went was 2-3x/year. now i am upping that to at least 5+ (hopefully 10+). anyway, come take a look at my video. i know it isn't the best angle but please give me some advice/insight. i know what i am doing wrong. i am leaning too far back...
  15. I have no style and very little technique...can you critique my riding style?

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    keep in mind this is like my second time ever holding a GoPro while riding. basically just riding groomers here and speed checking every once in awhile since i wasn't completely comfortable holding the camera. i feel confident on heel and toe but i seem to ride my edges and kind of skid turn...
  16. Feeling comfortable at high it 100% mental?

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    been using the Trace app to track my speed and other statistics on the mountain. kind of bummed to see i max out at around 35mph, which, in my opinion, is sort of pathetic. i try to push it as much as possible but i think its almost completely mental for me. i can think of two reasons for...
  17. Types of Turns on a Snowboard

    Tips, Tricks And Snowboard Coaching
    I'm trying to progress my snowboarding basics. I'm looking for official, or as close to official as possible, names of types of turns on a snowboard. I'm hoping having the correct terminology will allow me to ask the right questions and have bullet points to work toward. The three main styles...
  18. Help! snowboarding carving!

    Welcome New Riders And New Members
    I want to improve carving or edge control or riding skills. Any comments are welcome. Tons of thanks!!!!!!!!!:jumping1::jumping1::jumping1: directional camber board 157cm, duck stance 15/-15 here is my video link:
  19. 2015 Never Summer The Chairman - Review

    Hey, After my NS Raptor review I was asked by Never Summer Industries to test drive and review their new board - The Chairman. And a few days ago one arrived. I got a Chairman X 165, since I like wider boards to eliminate any potential booting out during carves. This review will come in...
  20. apline boarding

    Hey, I'm 5'7" 235lbs. I ride a 2006 156 Burton Custom with Rome 390 Boss. I saw alpine boarding is meant for carving and high speeds. I am interested in it and was wondering if I can do an alpine set up with the equipment I have. Also, where would I start with my binding degrees? Thank you.