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    Took my brand new NS Proto HD out yesterday for the first time and it rode amazing, but sadly at the end of the day I scanned over my board to find a chip on the topsheet on the front end of the board. I'm assuming this is merely cosmetic, but it really triggers my OCD...
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    So I was snowboarding today and I skiier caught the front side of my board with his skis and caused it to chip. My main concern is, is this something that could be repaired? I am in no way capable of repairing it myself and I was curious what someone might guess the repair would cost. The...
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    Hey, I just wanted to see if this chip on the top edge of my board requires a repair. This is my first board I've owned and whilst I'm not bothered about cosmetic damage; I just want to ensure its nothing more serious. Thanks in advance :D
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    Hello Guys , just notice this chip on the nose of my burton. Was wondering if its normal and should i get it fixed straight away ? any help is appreciated cheers Ed
1-4 of 4 Results