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  1. Boards
    i am leaning towards another never summer. right now i have a NS Legacy 161 that i feel is a bit large for me. i am 5'11, 190-195 lbs with a size 10 boot. i basically only ride groomers and glades. virtually 0 park. i am thinking the 158 Cobra might check all my boxes. your thoughts?
  2. Boards
    i realized, while great, that the Legacy was just too wide for me. i am cross shopping a variety of boards, all Never Summer (yes, I am a fan boy) about me: 5'11 195 lbs size 10.5 boot skills:intermediate riding: east coast (ice, groomers, glades, occasional powder) style: FREERIDE, carving...
  3. Boards
    basically want a board for cruising with the ability to carve through ice (east coast) and handle the rare powder day. i love the look and sound of both. should i be leaning one way or the other? also which size would work best? i am 5'11, 195lbs.
  4. Boards
    Hi, My old board - 165cm, camber, 255 width, which I rode for 8 seasons gave up. After some reserch I decided Never Summer Cobra should suit my needs. I spent most of the time freeriding, usually in tight trees, and a few days a season on more open spaces, also off-piste. I'd say I am advaced...
  5. Boards
    forum newb here. measurements: 6'0 200lb size 11-11.5 boot looking to upgrade my decade old Forum Elite primarily riding: east coast trails. SOME park, but not a ton. wants: something fast, holds edge, easy-to-ride and fun. i'm trying to decide between the mentioned 3 NS boards. was...
  6. Boards
    this is my first post here so let me start with a little introduction. my name is matt and i live in northern california. im 28, 6'2" and 275lbs. ive been snowboarding since 1994 and although would never consider myself an expert or "advanced" rider, i definitely feel comfortable saying im on...
  7. Bindings
    Hey guys, I am trying to decide which binding to get which will pair up with my new never summer cobra. I'm going to be freeriding mosty with minimal freestyle. Your thoughts?
  8. Boards
    Does anyone have any experience riding the Never Summer Heritage in powder? I'm curious about it's float versus the Cobra.
  9. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Here I go again just before the season starts, Selling my 2013 Never Summer Cobra X 163cm. Used it last season for 1.5-2 months. Used only at weekends 2-3 times a month so you do the math how much it was used. Bought for $600 Board is edged, beveled and hot waxed. I cleaned and put a new wax...
  10. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    Hi i'm new to this forum so i realize this might not be the best place to ask this, but i think its time i sell my first board and bindings, and i have no idea what they are worth! Can you help me? I will post pics of them in here: Board - DC HKD by Peter Saville 158 - 2008 Bindings -...
  11. Buy and Sell Snowboard Equipment
    2013 Never Summer Cobra X 163cm (brand new used once, with receipts), Picture! Craigslist ad: 2013 Never Summer Cobra X 163cm (used once brand new, with receipts) ($500) This is one cobra X wide 163cm Never Summer snowboard, I only used it once 2 days ago in mountain creek, and decided I...
  12. Boards
    Hello all! Looking for some feedback and any suggestions you guys might have. Background: I've been boarding for ~6 years on the same board (which was a hand-me-down from my brother who used it for 3+ years) and I've decided that I owe it to myself to purchase a new board. I would say I'm...
1-12 of 12 Results