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    I started snowboarding in 2016 and now have about 4 seasons under my belt. I ride quite aggressively and try try a lot of new things every time. In my first season I have sprained my ankle, bruised my ribs but I learned fast and those small injuries heal in between riding days. I was had small...
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    Hi! Looking for the title of a 10-15 year old movie. And the only thing I know is a section in the movie. Its maybe 8-10 guys with their snowmobiles out in the backcountry, they build a kicker and jump in the pow, and one of the guys slams hard and hit his head so bad that he get a concussion...
  3. Slam Section
    With what happened to Schumacher and others when do you know if its something really serious I hit my head after wiping trying to avoid someone. Had helmet but felt a slight "brain rattle". 6 hours later I'm feeling OK but a sliiiight headache.
1-3 of 3 Results