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  1. Snowboarding General Chat
    I was lining up on the chairlift the other day and checking out other people's setups as usual, when I thought of an idea: What if there was an app for people to borrow/lend snowboards (and possibly skis) on the mountain so people could try each other's setups for a couple runs? I personally...
  2. Boards
    Whoop, whoop. This weekend closest resort opens with a bang - demo weekend. I am looking for a new All mountain / Freeride board. Mainly groomers carving but if it drops then all powder I can get. I would like a board that handles carving and powder excellent. If the powder is really deep - set...
  3. Western Canada
    HEY GUYSSS!!!! I'm moving to Banff in a couple weeks, to teach boarding at Sunshine Village. I've been searching EVERYWHERE online to try and find a local shop that will allow me to demo the RIDE Hellcat. (Yes, the women's all-mountain board... I am in fact a woman). If anyone knows where I can...
  4. Boards
    Capita sells their demo boards, and i'm thinking of getting one, at the price point of about $250 I dont mind if its a little used, but I dont like used and abused. I'm looking for a little insight on this situation. Thanks :)
1-4 of 4 Results