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  1. Boards
    Hey all! I have been snowboarding for years, but don't know much about what makes a good snowboard/bindings. Right now I am riding a Venue Hans Ahlund 155cm with some Drake 50 sport performance bindings. Any opinions on this setup? I don't have issues with it but wanna start hitting up the...
  2. Bindings
    i just figured out that the real problem could be the binding if xl or l/xl from union for example, wich are pretty big. while the 11,5 boots are pretty ok on the most boards.. especially park boards i guess. what soze of bindings do u use with a 11,5 boots on a non wide board?
  3. Bindings
    Hi, I am at a total loss and confused as what to buy. I have flow flite III's which were great for me as a beginner to snowboarding. Easy in & out. Took me ages to set them up just right though. I bagged a Head Rush Rocker last season which is a softer board over my old one and like how easy...
  4. Bindings
    I already have a general "help me choose bindings/board" thread here but wanted to ask specifically about Burton Channel (ICS) adapter plates for my old (circa 2001) Drake F-60 Bindings. I can't seem to...
1-4 of 4 Results