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  1. Boards
    Weirdest thing I’ve ever had. So I’ve bought a nitro team exposure snowboard from Amazon Australia. When I received I was surprised by the printing on the board: it says 159 and “one hundred and fifty-seven” on it. Tried to compare it with other Team exposure, it appears that they are exactly...
  2. Boards
    Hello All, i know the discussion has been had about conterfeit boards not being relistic....but this has me baffled. Bought this 2019 t rice climax off a guy i found on fb marketplace. And everything looks perfect besides the fact that there is no notch on the tail. On the base you can clearly...
  3. Intermountain US
    So i'm headed to a basin for the first time ever this weekend and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on which slopes are the best. Also how strict are the bars, would you advise against using a fake to get some beer between runs?
1-3 of 4 Results